Retiring Chief Justice Of India Wanted To Join Politics But

Retiring Chief Justice Of India Wanted To Join Politics But

“I was keen to join active politics. But destiny decided otherwise”, (retiring) Chief Justice of India NV Ramana says in a public lecture. #CJIRamana. Reported by live law. The retiring Chief Justice of India was keen to join politics, but he couldn’t managed to do so. This statement taken so far as negative and positive.

“No wonder, he is so good at it, with all the PR and hollow speeches, like a seasoned politician. Few days back he said, he’s worried about shrinking space for opposition, now this, clearly conveying his availability post retirement. RS, on behalf of opp, most likely” (Sic). Says a twitter account by the name VR.

Justice Lalit will be the Chief Justice of India for a short period. His service likely to be of less than three months from August 27, 2022 to November 8, 2022. Justice Lalit is only the second judge to be elevated directly from the Bar, who will go on to become the Chief Justice of India. (As indexed on Google).

Also another good reply over the retiring CJI’s tweet by Live Law is worth to note. “You were doing politics in court. You were behaving like a politician. No doubt in recent times judiciary becomes worst and most opportunist. After retirement definitely, you’ll join active politics. Day by day judiciary is going worst. That’s why people enjoy encounters of culprits” (edited tweet, original tweet author: Aman Gupta).

This is what from where the story begins. Never know, what’s next to bear with.

Image Credit & Tweets: Live Law

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