Avesh Khan loses opportunity but Rohit Sharma accepts challenge

Avesh Khan loses opportunity but Rohit Sharma accepts challenge

The second T20I match still wasn’t away from India’s hands at the end, even though West Indies had lost just 5 wickets going in to the final over. Here, just too many things come to the minds of aggressive captains. Since India started playing big shots as a unit of ‘new-template’ even when losing wickets at regular intervals, Avesh Khan loses opportunity to make full use of.

Rohit Sharma chose Avesh Khan ahead of Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Ravindra Jadeja. Kumar bowled just two overs and was left with another two, while Jadeja bowled three overs. West Indies required just 10 runs off the final over. Avesh Khan just have to give away singles or twos, to restrict West Indies not scoring 10 runs. He didn’t do that. Avesh Khan loses opportunity to comeback, maybe he can if he plays the third T20I tonight.

Soon, there was some intent to do good and even better as captain Virat Kohli lost his cricket form. He was booed since India lost to Pakistan in the T20I World Cup 2021. He played so many match winning innings for India. That’s a different story, but how Rohit Sharma accepts challenge to pick players, leaving couple of others out and then choosing different death bowling options. Miserable run for both Ravi Bishnoi and Harshal Patel. Both are in the squad, but were not in the playing 11 in the second T20I.

Last over choice to allow Avesh Khan wasn’t fair because India still have a chance to win the T20I after scoring just too less on the board.

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Look “the intent of Arshdeep Singh”, speaks about his talent

What’s wrong with Avesh Khan

Earlier, Avesh Khan bowled a very good spell against South Africa in just one game, and as per his previous performances, on an average, this was just horrible. He can’t be that much threatening for the opposition than other young bowlers, leave aside experienced Bhuvneshwar Kumar, it looks he loses opportunity when mattered. Cricket fans also demand in many different ways, to say get lost Avesh!

India still has more options, just too many good bowlers, name one, and a bunch of young-bowlers come in your mind, which makes India’s bench strength stronger. Right from Axar Patel to Harshal Patel, India owns few more good bowlers to be given more opportunities.

If Ravi Bishnoi is available along with Axar Patel, then there’s no reason to groom Avesh Khan to pick him again in the third T20I. Yes, both Ravi Bishnoi and Axar Patel are slow bowlers, but much better to play as many games as possible, than mediocre medium pacers. If you looking for medium pacers, then bring in Harshal Patel. That’s enough how many young bowlers, Rohit Sharma wants to test?

Too many opportunities given to one or two players can cost India matches one after the other. The third T20I will be on time, tonight at 9: 30 pm IST.

Second T20I was delayed to about 3 hours. This time again, it will be another optimistic decision for Rohit Sharma to play third T20I with an unchanged team. Will he do that? If it’s “no” then why he sacrificed second T20I just to pull the socks of Avesh Khan. Avesh Khan loses opportunity, but Rohit Sharma defends him by saying “this is the way to test the skills…”.

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