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Musical Song Wait Ends As Kuch Kuch Hone Laga Releasing

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The musical song wait ends as the most magical song to be on everyone’s lips, releasing soon. This was one of the longest waits for those, who want to listen and watch the best music by Siena Studio. It took almost two years, and now within a week, the musical song wait ends. The releasing date, within a week would be shared to let you know that, you can watch the song on YouTube, too. The shooting of the musical song kuch kuch hone laga finishing tonight.

Shooting of the Kuch Kuch Hone Laga Song, which was penned by the In Hand Writer Lyricist Khalid M Raza took place in the United States of America. The cast and crew changed time to time and the singer Samundra Khatiwada stood strong, keeping patience as the musician too.

The music director of the song and the singer tried his best to give his best every-time as the delay didn’t mattered to him. He looked forward always and as a music director and singer, Samundra Khatiwada given all his best. That’s how patience always keeps you on a high.

The song is releasing soon. Prayers needed from all of you for its grand success.

Music/Singer: Samundra Khatiwada

Lyrics: Khalid M Raza

Arranger: Urgen Dong

Mix & Master: Dipesh Pradhan

Recordist: Nibu

Studio: Siena Studio (UAE)

Cast: Purna Lamsal/Pratikshya

Transportation: Reejon Transport

Cinematography: Vicky Pulami

Edit/color/VFX: Bishnu Khadka

Direction: Vicky Pulami

Production: Purna Lamsal Productions

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