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Smokers to end in coma if they quit smoking too late in life

Smokers to end in coma if they quit smoking too late in life

Is it true that smokers still can quit smoking and live a healthy life? Yes, within 2-5 years, smokers after quitting cigarettes, would live a healthy life as healthy as a nonsmoker. Quitting smoking at a young age or lesser than 60 years of age, would be a better idea. It’s heartbreaking to know; as some reports although claim that smokers to end in coma if they quit smoking too late.

The idea of “life is precious”, seldom come in the minds of the smokers. They live as if they’ll smoke just for another day and then quit. It’s inevitable for the smokers to quit because if they won’t like to suffer more by visiting hospitals, they’ve to quit in any case ASAP.

Doctors would force the smokers to quit when the smokers reach an age of more than 70 years. This is too late, but there’s no harm to quit a bad habit anytime, and the best age to quit smoking is that of the early 30s.

Smoking is injurious to health & so what?

Smoking is highly injurious to health. It involves bad health in terms of breathlessness, headache, fatigue and cough, to begin with. The smoking cough irritates the young smokers, who feel the heat of smoking to experience the pleasures of the puffs. It’s a false notion that smoking allows people to think better during their inhales and exhales of the cigarette puffs.

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The best option is either you quit smoking in your early or late thirties, and if you’ve crossed the age of 60, then quit if you just cough too much. However, quitting smoking too late in your life, would be not a good idea because you need to quit smoking at any phase of your life. It’s inevitable to quit because smoking is injurious to health.

If you continue smoking, it’s more harmful for you as the life goes on. Mostly smokers die young. Even before reaching their lovely forties, they end up living, leaving all their loved ones. One would rather say, “I have experienced the joy of all bad habits since decades, and now it’s time to quit all bad habits”. That’s well said, and you too, as a smoker would say so in sometime. Beware! It’s good to call it a day sooner than continue with your usual lifestyle.

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