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Hyderabad Most Popular Phrases Including Kaiku Re

Hyderabad Most Popular Phrases Including Kaiku Re

The Kaiku Re, a Hyderabadi phrase as most of the people say so, was also used in a Bollywood Movie. In the Bollywood Movie, Ram Jaane, in which Shah Rukh Khan says Kaiku Re about hundred times. The Movie Ram Jaane was not among the superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s superhit movies. But it did well in the box office collections. Here’s some of the Hyderabad most popular phrases.

Agree to not dare to say Hyderabadi dialogues because a dialogue always will be between two people. The phrases or words belonging to Hyderabadi way of speaking, so to say will be enough. This article is about Kaiku Re and more such phrases. Kaiku re means why man!

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Literally, it’s nothing but a good read to enjoy and learn Hyderabadi slang speaking. You’ll love to speak in a similar fashion and with passion. Previously, words like Baigan (eggplant) used more, in our earlier articles. Do read below; before or after finishing this one.

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Even people from Hyderabad love to read and know more about Hyderabadi mix of words or phrases. Firstly, the movie Hyderabad Blues attracted many people in Hyderabad, and was one of the most watched movie in the 90s. The Hyderabad Blues was a very low budget movie and surprisingly, for about six months, there was continuity of heavy rush in the Kumar theatre.

The Hyderabad Most Popular Phrases

People while watching the movie Hyderabad Blues were seen laughing loudly and were reacting too. People were applauding and appreciating the movie though it was shown in a shortest screen. That was the fun, which had given way to many Hyderabadi big screen movies, to be made in Hyderabad itself, and some were successful like Angrez. Some were big flops.

The Mumbai slang like E Kya Bolti Tu and Aati Kya Khandala were also used in an Aamir Khan Movie’s song, which was the chartbuster. However, Hyderabadi phrases are much more interesting to come across even if you know them all and already aware of. Looks so interesting to read or listen live from your Hyderabadi friends when you as an NRI visit Hyderabad.

Every other not so old man is known to the Hyderabadis as Chicha. They say Chicha to ask something from a man, and on some occasions these men, called as Chicha, which means Uncle get annoyed. They get angry to listen that why be they so called as Chichas? However, the case here is of not so old men, but old men respond nicely when called Chicha.

“Apna To Kaam Tamaam Hogaya. Arey Tera Bhi, Kya Hua? Tera Bhi Matlab Kya Baigan. Tera Bhi Kya Kaam Tamaam Hogaya? Hou Re. Here, notice the word Hou, which means yes. First phrase means, for me, everything finished or I can’t do anything. Second one follows as for you too. Here, Tera Bhi Matlab Kya Baigan! Means for you too means what Baigan (Baigan has various meanings, generally if a person is annoyed he would say Baigan).

Kya To Bhi Hai Ki Jaanedo. Ab Bass Kardinge Idhar Ich. Hou. Means, what might be. Let’s stop here and finally Hou means Yes.

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