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Mohammad Kaif Fearless Catch Wins Match For India In 2004

Mohammad Kaif Fearless Catch Wins Match For India In 2004

Former cricketing genius Mohammad Kaif reminds India to be fearless and take aggressive approach. He posted a video in which two Indians trying hard to catch and with some major concern over injury. However, the injury would be severe due to their collision. But it was Kaif, who ended up taking catch fearlessly. Mohammad Kaif fearless catch wins the match for India against Pakistan.

Kaif posted a video and says this in a tweet: (Sic) Fearlessness of youth makes you chase the impossible and grab it with both hands. #2004 #karachi

You can see the video here: Kaif reminds how fearlessness even in taking catches win matches.

It was a fantastic catch, which Kaif grabbed it with both hands. A collision was likely and this would have hurt and injured one of the two Indian fielders. Kaif was one of them and Zaheer Khan was the bowler. Sourav Ganguly was the captain in 2004. This is how so many cricket experts keep on saying, “catches win matches”.

Some of them also say, “he dropped the catch and looks as if he dropped the match”. Means dropping catches can bring your team a big loss, and your team will end as losers. However, good batting and good bowling comes in the rescue when catches dropped in few cases.

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