India Was Good Without BJP Says Telangana CM KCR

India Was Good Without BJP Says Telangana CM KCR

The Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao have to bear a lot with what’s happening in India to keep speaking in favor of one or the other. “I know congress was doing good in Karnataka, but the nuisance is BJP, which is always hungry. Allowing all sorts of crimes and also it’s not surprising to question, what good days did BJP brought in India?”. Asks Chief Minister of Telangana State further. India was good without BJP.

He also met Uddhav Thackery in Maharashtra and then Maharashtra’s Chief Minister was removed, later on. Now, he keeps saying what we as Indians to do for the benefit of India to grow as it was growing earlier. Yes, India was good without BJP.

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Telangana State CM KCR with former Maharashtra CM U. Thackeray

The story begins here

“I know we all need to take religion seriously to learn and do good instead of playing religious politics. You’ll love to see a peaceful India and a progressing nation, but at the same time, you’ll be silent on the divide and rule. If BJP go on playing dirty politics, then what would be left for India to grow from there?”. Adds KCR. Yes, what is good for India, do that like many other progressing nations. The point is live and let others live. If you’re true, then let your religion take care of you rather than you taking care of it.

When Congress was doing good in Karnataka then what was the reason for BJP to wipe out Congress. And fill hatred in the minds of the people. What’s so good to be selfish? Why not let others live peacefully. Yes, suicides, murders, rapes, joblessness, hate-crimes like mob-lynching, prices, etc. are on a rise under BJP.

Can’t BJP control price rise. Will they not see how youth committing suicides because of joblessness? Murders increasing day by day. Rapes of even less than 10 year old girls, are on a rise. Everything was under control in Karnataka and almost all the States, but since BJP, the bad on a rise and the good days remain as the dream. Why do people still dream for the good days. Don’t they realize when Congress was in Karnataka, everything was so good. It’s time to wake up rather than pointing at others and that too, out of context to spread hate.

BJP Destroying India

Telangana CM KCR adds up further stating that fascism in India would bring all bad. The riots created every other day, everywhere in BJP ruled States. The Delhi riots were created by BJP, but the police in Delhi didn’t responded at the right time and though BJP was not ruling there. But they played their dirty game in Delhi and from there you can see the spread of brain diseases from hate spreaders to the blind followers. What is the reason? Can the PM have any answers to the wrong strategies and failures of BJP?

Mahatma Gandhi also abused today. Where BJP taking India towards. What will be the future of India. Who would want India to be like this to hurt sentiments, increase crimes, sell all govt orgs. Why BJP keeps selling India. Everyone knows, how corrupt is BJP. Yet why we would remain silent? What we’re doing here. How former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was so good for India. He was a congress candidate.

India was good without BJP

People and journalists need to bring the change. All reporters need to speak truth, but do not highlight the fake. And report all fake, creating propaganda. Farmers suffering in India. If elections come, BJP would do promises, and after that everything destroys India more and more. Promises remain unfulfilled.

I know, India would shine just in 4 years, but what BJP did to make India shine in their 8 years? We have questioned the govt and we will keep doing so. Do not be silent, and spread awareness about what BJP is doing. BJP free India is good for all. Telangana CM KCR says.

India is in danger of major downfall under the BJP. There would be nothing good for India than all bad ruling India. The bad govt is ruling India to destroy India. This is simple to say that BJP destroying India and India will be in trouble and in more trouble. Said KCR. Finally, when asked, he points out “Gujarat model is 100% flop model, and from here you will know more.

You will know more as time comes, and I’m not a Jyotish (predictor). “We should do all good and work hard just too much and with good efforts to bring down BJP, and this is because BJP is a curse to India. BJP is a danger to India”. He finishes here, as nothing more we’ve to add than what KCR keeps saying, India was good without BJP.

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