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Sourav Ganguly really sacked

Sourav Ganguly really sacked

Sourav Ganguly to not continue his second term, but Jai Shah stays as BCCI secretary. Sourav Ganguly really sacked, means a lot to know why? “He clearly looked upset, disappointed and dejected.” – Told a member, who was present in BCCI office to Cricbuzz. Furthermore, some Indian cricket fans coming out with opinions in favor of Ganguly. However, many fans saying that Ganguly did nothing, and was just enjoying the position. A few told that Sourav Ganguly didn’t join BJP, and so he will not continue as Chairman.

Also Cricbuzz reported that: Sourav Ganguly was criticized in the Delhi meeting for his non performance as the BCCI President. Read below a similar report:

Sourav Ganguly refuses to join BJP after Amit Shah invites

Earlier, here it was reported as: Since Sourav Ganguly is the former cricket captain of India, and now dejected to be the former BCCI’s Chief manager (President of BCCI).

The reason also would be this: See the pinned Tweet on Sourav Ganguly’s Twitter account:

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BCCI is Board of Control for Cricket in India. The report exposed that he knows that he’s actually mocking people about how much money BCCI donated to PM Cares. It’s not huge money for the cash rich cricket board of India. But the amount of 51 Crores adds more momentum to the donations, where almost everyone including Muslims, who suffered a lot under BJP, donated in large and small transactions.

No account of Twitter kept the money donated to PM Care fund as a pinned tweet. Interestingly, Sourav Ganguly reminding PM that BCCI donated 51 Crores, which’s not utilized to wipe out the crises. Remember, the amount of money donated to PM Care fund would be most likely about tens of thousands of crores. This is how, Ganguly, a great former cricketer keeps showing people that BCCI donated 51 Crores, which is huge money in terms of mass donation.

Yet another reason: Is Sourav Ganguly really sacked?

The most famous sports personality and a native of Bengal is none other than Sourav Ganguly. And BJP wanted Ganguly desperately in their party. He’s a famous world class cricket player, former cricket captain of India, commentator, and much more.

The living legend Sourav Ganguly refuses to join BJP even after Amit Shah wanted him, desperately to defeat Mamata Banerjee. Amit Shah said that Ganguly will be convinced to join BJP from an open door report. Sourav Ganguly also refused to say anything related to politics till date and not because he likes Mamata’s ruling party than BJP. His aim was to give more to the cricket world than anything else or to join politics.

He said that he was invited to meet and that’s it. And he did so and people should not think anything else. He said, “his meeting with Amit Shah is just a meeting and no more stories should be created from there on”.

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