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How Animal lovers reduce supply of good food for Animals

How Animal lovers reduce supply of good food for Animals

The animal food other than grass; usually some vegetables, which in fact in shortage of supply for animals. But how? Or if it’s so, then the equation stands at 10% of vegetables seemingly available for animals to consume. The slogan that keeps growing in India is animals shouldn’t be killed for food. They say, “just to satisfy the taste buds, it’s no good for us to kill animals”. The problem is how animal lovers reduce the supply of good food for animals?

Cattle, goat, sheep, chicken and buffalo often comes to their mind as non-veg food. For them, to consume non veg cooked food is bad, but to have plants and vegetables is far better. The equation again becomes BOLD because people do transform from their non-vegetarian diet to vegetarian diet. This is because they see the change just too good to restart thinking that killing of animals NO good.

They’re supposedly not creating problems for the non-vegetarians by saying so emotionally if they won’t carry the protests. If most of the people consume non-veg food; then for the non-vegetarians, the prices of their nutritious non-veg food would increase. However, mocking at non-vegetarians goes on and on.

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The vegetarians claim NO to non veg food because they call killing of animals for food is a crime or a sin. For example, rabbits love carrot, radish and more other vegetables and so why and how animal lovers reduce good food supply to animals by consuming that?

Why protest against non-veg food this way

The logic comes from where? Fruits like grapes also stolen by animals from the farms. See the farmers, who will be so alert to not let animals and birds steal what they grow. Why not the animal lovers prefer here to allow the animals to eat what they like.

If they love animals then from where the diary products or leather come to the market? The protests against the consumption of non-veg food would be not this way. They should eat whatever food they like and shouldn’t worry too much to protest this way.

There are two types of animal lovers, the one who prefer 100% vegetarian food, are vegans. The other one, the vegetarians, consume milk and eggs alongside veg food. A vegan almost would be not strong or healthy because of insufficient nutritious diet. Cattle is cheap natural source of protein and nutrients for the poor and shouldn’t bother animal lovers.

Non-vegetarians are omnivores as they eat vegetables and meat. Herbivores eat just vegetables. But a man can’t be carnivores to eat just the meat and nothing else. Often animal lovers keep pets and they won’t dare to keep carnivores animals. If they do keep, then a dog or a cat goes well with their lifestyles.

One can notice the ingredients of a dog biscuit if animal lovers won’t prefer to kill animals and carry protests against non-vegetarians. Meat and bone meal, milk, beef fat, etc., are there mainly in dog biscuits. Cats also do consume milk and meat.

There’s a lot to say. But they should live the way they want to and the non-vegetarians live the way they prefer. Why not so?

How animal lovers reduce supply

Here comes a 16 year old girl, who told to In Hand Writer that: “If people don’t want to kill animals for food and then so, why they eat the food, which belongs to animals”. This statement allows us to make a theory, which could be like: “If people keep eating vegetables, they’re robbing the good food from off the animals”.

To continue adding more sense, it’s necessary for everyone to understand what tastes good, needs to be consumed. The reason is nothing logical if you like the best food, but you don’t want to eat because you’re against killing of animals. Taste and nutrition also will be there in vegetarian food, but not enough. People with their double-standards consume eggs, milk and fish and claim that they’re vegetarians.

Reasons are too many, but if people reduce the supply of good food for animals, it’s against their superior qualities to be human. Human being have too many options to choose, like or dislike any food, but to protest or condemn the killing of animals, absolutely absurd. So much animal farming goes on and also brings good income for the farmers. Adding to it, the wastage of animals killed also used. There’s no way that you say you’re against killing of animals, and so you don’t eat meat or meat products.

Final say

There’s a lot more to condemn animal lovers for their ideology and characteristics if they’re against non-veg food. Do they realize that plants do have lives. What human beings do and so you say you’re a good human being, but you inhale oxygen (O2) and exhale carbon-dioxide (Co2). This way you’re actually killing so many living beings, which you think aren’t good to kill. Go this way too, which is very simple. Do not do pest control at your home or office, and live with cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, etc.

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