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Small Scale Scholars Participating Debates For No Good

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You might be right, but with little knowledge, which’s dangerous you’re among so called small scale scholars participating debates. You’re right in your own thoughts to condemn the bad and accept the truth. How would then you explain, having little knowledge to those, who come to the debates with lot of preparations? You would be caught, and in this way, which will be highlighted as something wrong and it’s no good.

Small scale scholars participating debates when they’re chosen to and they accept invitations. This is no good as the other party would claim that they’ve such and such references to weigh more for what they speak. Having references with which you quote and say whatever you like even though they’re weak in authenticity, would not open your windows.

Just with small scale scholars participating debates

The windows are there for you to criticize with almost wrong knowledge over just one or two topics. That’s it. You would do so with just small scale scholars. You would be delighted for a time. Pat yourself. Just for now.

The wrong knowledge with the intent to prove, which’s authentically based upon the principles of a particular religion, would cherish you for a time. You want to say so and you would be let to say so. This is how the whole system working currently to prove one another wrongly with wrong intentions.

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Your eyes would lit up when you see something bad you notice in a 100% true religion and you do debate with small scale scholars. Isn’t it right to say that you’re on a wrong path and would know the truth later? But what about the present?

You would suffer in sometime in the present-times and later on, if you condemn the truth and respond with falsehood. There are people and more people in this world to mix truth with falsehood.

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