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Hyderabad Love Affair Dialogues So Funny

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A view of the massive shopping for Eid Ul Fitar in Old City of Hyderabad on Tuesday. People from different areas of city seen .

Hyderabad love affair dialogues often hidden basically from people, who want to know, realistically. No, at present there’s no orthodox Urdu-Hindi mix language spoken than earlier in the 90s or before that and a bit later also. At present people are still bothered about and also mock at people of Hyderabad by using slang Hyderabadi words. Using of any ‘slang’ word or words still goes on just to make the conversation healthy. However, the current Hyderabad love affair dialogues are here to enjoy and like.

Note: Odd numbers and even numbers in the dialogues between two persons are question and answers. For example number 1 is odd followed by number 2, which is even, and then number 3, and so on, till number 12. A dialogue is known to be between two persons. A talk between the two.


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