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Hyderabad Maze Ke Bataan So Funny To Read Now

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Hyderabad is just not a tourist destination, but also famous for Biryani and much more. You’ll find Haleem the special Ramadan delicacy and people love to speak. You would love to know how they speak. Why Hyderabadi language with a mix of Hindi, Urdu, (excluding one of the most spoken language Telugu), and English, so popular? Hyderabad Maze ke Bataan are amazing, although slightly vanishing, but here you would know. Let’s start. 

“Baigan ke baal, tu phir agaya”. The hair of eggplant  you have come again. This then followed by, “faltu mein bakwaas mat kar”. Means, don’t waste your foolishness by wasting your time. Again this followed by something else…, but meanwhile to not waste time or wasting foolishness. What do you think? How could the foolishness be not wasteful. Or, is it that to laugh more on what would be foolish to gain something by wasting time? 

Above image:

Philanthropic Auto Driver – Hyderabadi Auto Driver – Shaik Saleem resident of Falaknuma- Provides Cool Purified Water in a Water Cooler attached to his Auto. Mr. Saleem goes around the City and supplies chilled purified water often to Traffic Police Officials, Bystanders, Passengers, Etc.

Every now and then people talk all the time, the rubbish, which if you know, it’s so funny to laugh by listening them how they speak to each other. “Kaiku phaadra re aisa bolke, kya hota chindi chor karsakta bhi kya”. Means, why are you scaring me, and by that idiot. It’s amazing that Hyderabad Maze ke Bataan are funny, but won’t be so meaningful. Why you’re scaring me by that idiot. He knows, whomsoever is an idiot, but he doesn’t want to get scared of that idiot. 

Hyderabad Maze Ke Bataan to read more

“Patthe”, they say to their friends, and rejuvenate upon by mocking at each other. One or two would just be so calm that their calmness would be all fun. 

“Kya maal jaari dekh, zabardast, aag hai, aag”. By looking at a girl, these guys, say, while she’s passing through their lane, creating fire . “Apna pattha hai une, jaande, Chai pillake phurr. Woich naa, busy rehta, magar 10 min to milta naiee”. He’s our lollipop (means nice), he comes and serves us tea and leaves, truly busy person. The word “Pattha” is used for any buddy, more often. 

“Shaadi kya karliya, baigan milraich nai”. Nakko karo re aise Bataan, shaadi kara uskeich pasand se ab jo pasand woich karinga naa”. “Matlab, love marriage kara chupa rustum thaa pehle se kaise pattih ki usko, uski class ki potti”. “Bhabhi bol re. Ab pottih kyu? They’re discussing here about their friend, who got married to his own class girl, and he’s not meeting them since he got married. This is so because he married to the girl, he loved and he will do what he loves to do. The other guy says, to say sister-in-law to their friend’s newly wed wife.

Something is there to guess what?

When ordering tea, in a cafe, they say. “Chai laa re malai maarke”. Bring tea with some creamy milk. The English they use in between would be quite different. They say ‘Amrika’ to America. Everyone in Hyderabad whether educated or not, dream of American life. Hyderabad folks use nick-names for their friends, so funny, but offensive, which are to not disclose here.  

“Bass ek baar Shaadi karliya naa, sab dekhna, mai Kitta sudharjaato”. Means, once I get married, I would become a responsible person. To this the reply would be, you guess? Read other posts on Hyderabad people’s discussions:

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