Smoking without health care routine more harmful

Smoking without health care routine more harmful

Smoking is as injurious as anyone could think of to be and there would be warning sign on the cigarette packs. Smokers look at the warning and just go ahead and smoke few more cigarettes. This is not acceptable, because smoking without health care routine would be more and more harmful.

Smoking affects your lungs to affect you with several diseases, which include to begin with depression, headache, cancer, heart-attack and major to minor illness to round this up. However, a proper schedule needs to be maintained should you cut-down the number of cigarettes, you would be smart enough. Smoking while you’ve nothing to do is dangerous.

Without an urge coming out to you and you smoke to feel the pleasure of the puffs, not a good idea. Don’t be that smart to smoke afterwards whenever you get a chance to drink or eat something. Tea is fine, it would make you enjoy smoking just one cigarette after every cup of tea. Realize that when you smoke, you feel a bit thirsty, and so drink some water. Avoid smoking on empty stomach.

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Hunger would not let you smoke, but relax and try to have the best meals, and for your loved-ones. Don’t smoke on an empty stomach. Also, it makes sense, the more money you save by not smoking more, the more healthy and tasty food should you enjoy.

Smoking without health care routine would be more harmful, and if you can’t stand and smoke, it’s time for you to quit. Means, when you feel tired to sit-down anywhere while you can’t stand and smoke, and unable to smoke also while walking. It’s time to quit smoking. Do not smoke lying down on your bed or sofa.

Smoking without health care isn’t good

You inhale the tobacco smoke with the contents like nicotine, tar, carbon-monoxide, etc., and feel the pleasure of the puffs even more when you exhale.

Do not keep the smoke inside your body for more than 5 seconds. Smoking is a word used for cigar, cigarettes and many other brands of tobacco products, which involve smoke to inhale and exhale. Vape is also harmful. Let’s focus on smoking cigarettes, cigar, etc.

Throw your cigarette in the dust-bin by finshing its burning. Don’t smoke when you don’t need to, even if half the cigarette remains. Doesn’t look good to finish your cigarette when you want to throw it. Don’t let yourself to not waste the cigarette by not smoking for a while instead of not wasting the cigarette by finshing it in full. Throw the cigarette anytime as and when required. Bother more about your health than bothering to not waste cigarettes.

Smoking creates cough, and it’s a smoking cough, which won’t go soon, and so have a few more cups of tea in an hourly interval. Even when you quit smoking, there might be affliction of cough minor to severe, it will go, once you try to resist it by taking medication for your health care. Consult a doctor as soon as you quit smoking.

Inspired to smoke

See to that when someone or your friend smoking in front of you, don’t smoke unless you feel for. It’s harmful if you do not need to smoke, but just because your friend is smoking, you join him. It’s cool when you would smoke when there would be a valid reason. Don’t pass an hour or two waiting for something or for anyone by smoking few or more cigarettes. This is a crime to pass your time by just going ahead to smoke more, which would be more harmful.

As soon as you get out of the flight or train, don’t be so curious to find a place to smoke. Relax and enjoy that your journey was safe. Don’t be oversmart to be too quick to smoke when you just finished a meeting. When you just finished your meals. When you worked so hard to complete the task, go for tea then, and should you smoke.

Relax and smoke later, it’s like you finish a task you would like to smoke, but do that by having a cup of tea, and then smoke. This is so because you need energy not a waste of energy by smoking. You’ll lose strength, stamina, and in a longtime serious illness due to smoking. Be responsible and be cautious enough to take care of your health. This is so because smoking without health care routine is worse which is what you learned so far.

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