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Money is hard to get More harder it will be set When it makes you sweat The more you wish for it The more you crave for it The more problems that can arise When you may not realize The money is such a price Though you work hard To get this reward Even when […]

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Back to Origin

Green grass grown on my skin I was shocked to see its offense Whenever I tried to chop it Again it appeared with a stance Butterflies started to surround me But then a donkey chased me And when I yelled at the donkey It ran a few yards away from me And then the donkey […]

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The Succor

Live your life in great style and be cheerful There is someone on earth, wants you to be blissful Smile and be ready for all others to interact with you Don’t allow life’s difficult situations to affect you Try to be strong and happy always Don’t worry for your failures in case Live your life […]

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A World Finished

Snakes flying all over in the air And all creatures living without care Wild animals swimming in the water Grouped or ungrouped does not matter Strange to see all this happening No worry and none frightening The scorpions chose to suck the blood A sort of senseless, baffling method But then a cloud full of […]

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Of Being Successful

If success can make you wealthy Then it also makes you busy With the varieties of the meeting Relations go on multiplying One important aspect that keeps you content Your hard work being so efficient If success can make you famous Then it also makes you frivolous When you seldom care about the feelings of […]

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Smilingly some say ‘no’ Angrily some say ‘no’ Very easily some say ‘no’So not many hesitate to say ‘no’ So the word ‘no’ Even if truly uttered Or pretending mattered‘No’ can be a canopy Or used as an analogy Used sometimes to distractedly stopAnd sometimes used for being at top “No” is a sweet word […]

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The sweat that comes out is not that matters Where you feel guilty For the outcome is faulty The effect of how it comes out that matters Not that you feel heat, not that you feel suffocation Your hard work that involves its excretion The effect of how it comes out that matters For which […]

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PROLOGUE The feelings are better felt when you get hurt, and that the feelings you experience with thoughts of others contradict to your thoughts are the feelings that needs patience to get along with and these feelings as we go on to experience are such that the feelings felt by your mind and not by […]

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Poetry School of thought

It’s of immense pleasure to me if for any reason you read this book of simple poetry; that too quick in time and well written and to be honest, there’s a bit of hard work behind this book as I feel; no matter how popular this book comes out to be, it’s out-and-out a valuable […]

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Poetry welcomes A to Z

I always want kids to have good time, and they need to work out to enjoy by not simply keeping away from funny moments. And being not alone, they should be with some toy or with some friend or with their siblings to get set for their learning tutorial of playing with joy, and for […]