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Romantic lyrics in accordance with film makers, who want to read and compose music for Bollywood and that they can choose from here for free. All those, who need good romantic lyrics are welcome as these lyrics consist lovers singing in full flow and with romantic words usage.

Mujhe Itna Naa Tadpa, New Hindi Lyrics, Song, English Translation, English Alphabets, Kahe Na Kahe, Contact Us

Mujhe Itna Naa Tadpa – Top Hindi Lyrics For Sale – Grab Now

Mujhe itna naa tadpa – Don’t make me restless Mere Dil ko naa dhadka – Do not increase my heartbeats Mujhe itna naa tadpa – Don’t make me restless Mere Dil ko naa dhadka – Do not increase my heartbeats Jab Dil Ne Maangi Dua – When my heart prayed… Mujhe Kuch Kucha Hua – Something’s happened Aaja aaja […]

Mujhe Itna Naa Tadpa, New Hindi Lyrics, Song, English Translation, English Alphabets, Kahe Na Kahe, Contact Us

New Hindi Lyrics – Kahe Na Kahe Tu – Translation in English too

This is yet another new Hindi lyrics based upon a guy full of confidence about his love. This song lyrics can be musicalized easily in different tunes. It’s such that you can find it interesting too. However, I’m not going to write entire full new Hindi lyrics as it would be unfair. But, if you […]

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Unique Hindi Solo promises interesting read – Wada Nibhaunga

This is in response to the overwhelming encouragement from our readers and well wishers. It’s yet another Unique Hindi Solo and an added English translation, stepwise until the Lyrics completes in English alphabets. We’ve loads of interesting and entertaining articles, latest news posts, eBooks, Scripts, Lyrics, and Poetry. You can go through to find all […]

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1 More Hindi duet in English alphabets with English translation

The idea here is to come forward with more and more Hindi solo and Hindi duet using English alphabets. And this is to make our readers understand easily. And also for people, who cannot read Hindi but understands the language. It’s a massive collection of, scripts, stories, lyrics (Both Hindi & English), Books and Poetry. […]

You did not informed me, Best Lyrics for Summer, Love, Romance, Lover, Inform, I want You, You

You did not informed me

You did not informed me That you ignored me Why would you How could you Why he comes in between us? Why he makes fun of us? You never told me this I want just another kiss What you missed that too And along with him too Come around me Do surround me You did […]

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Ice like cool English Lyrics For You FREE to Grab Now

Ice like Cool Makes me to Rule Never I can say anything wrong Let me sing this lovely Song You are in my Heart And like a Musical Bard Everything is so nice There’s the Sunrise The Morning tea is not enough Let’s have some more stuff Nothing too much to worry No more words […]

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English Lyrics Grab for FREE – Loving Hearts Together Always

Following are the English Lyrics. Just experience a good read or grab it for FREE. Loving hearts together always No matter what the World says   Let’s join hands in hand Let us play in the sand Teach the World to be united For our love has been sighted Sighted to be forever We are […]

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Nudity at your best – Pleasurable English Lyrics – Grab for FREE

Nudity at your best Cant’t be found during rest Feel the way of hotness Steal away the softness Get me your love for the joy Make me the way to enjoy Let’s get joined together For our joint pleasure I can’t wait to see the best Nudity at your best Can’t be found during rest […]

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Khushboo the Sweet Smelling lyrics in Hindi – Find more for FREE

Khushboo Teri Mujhe Lagti Ek Dua (Your nice smell looks like a prayer) Mehakta hai Dil Jabse Mujhe Pyar Hua (Heart surrounded by your scent when I started loving you) Haan Tujhse Pyar Hua … (Yes to you my love begins) Meethi Meethi Sugandh Aayee (Sweet smell coming to me) Jab Tu Mujhe Nazar Aayee […]

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Bollywood Top Unknown Hindi Lyrics – Read Now for FREE

Bollywood Becomes Accessible This Book “Bollywood Unknown Lyrics” can create magic in the Indian Film Industry. It’s though very tough to get support from film producers but I know it will definitely impress them. In many reasons, if the producers look for a ready made lyrics content on which they can shower music to make […]

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I want to be always near you

I want to be always near you Want to always hear you I’m in love with my dear you There’s no reason Good is the season Come to me dear Don’t be in fear Waiting for all that I care for you Taking the time to get share for you The share of my heart […]

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Tujhe Dekha to Dekhte Raha – Hindi Song with English Translation

Tujhe Dekha to main Tujhe Dekhte Raha 1 Dil ko aisa Laga ke Dil Khogaya 2 Kuch Kuch hone Laga 3 Pyar Tujhse Dil Karne Laga 4 (After seeing you I kept myself seeing you) 1 (My heart felt something and I lost it) 2 (Some feelings keep happening) 3 (Love to you my heart […]

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I lost in your heart and I search Myself

I lost in your heart and I search Myself When I searched I breath with Yourself What I wanted to think about You are always in my thought Where I can go from your heart I’m yours and you are mine Night has brightened with your shine I got frightened with your align What I […]

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Love me with no Reason

Love me with no Reason Love is there every Season I want to learn give me Tuition Come to me also have the Fun Don’t make me your Burden What will happen Then All of a Sudden Kill me with love’s Poison Take me to the Prison Hold me and make me tighten Act not […]

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Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you It was good to greet you Come again I want to eat you Remember that we are always should be in touch Wherever you might be it’s good to love you so much The way I read you It’s always nice to treat you Nice to meet you It was good […]