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Romantic lyrics in accordance with film makers, who want to read and compose music for Bollywood and that they can choose from here for free. All those, who need good romantic lyrics are welcome as these lyrics consist lovers singing in full flow and with romantic words usage.

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Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you It was good to greet you Come again I want to eat you Remember that we are always should be in touch Wherever you might be it’s good to love you so much The way I read you It’s always nice to treat you Nice to meet you It was good […]

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Hindi Romantic Duet Lyrics Titled as Jagah

Male: Ae Lardki tu mujhko itna batah Kya Dil mein tere hai koi Jagah (Oh my girl answer this is there any place in your heart?) Mere Liye Haan Mere Liye (For me, yes for me) Female: Na Karna Yahan aise sawaal Idhar na galegi teri daal Chall Raasta Naaple Yahan se tu Bhaagle Warna […]

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Don’t Feel Shy

I miss you so much You never know as suchWithout you I can’t live a day I might not be always awayWithout you I can’t sleep at night Come to me, and hug me tight Kiss me and be with me Do not get away from me I miss you so much I think you […]

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Catch The Heart

Duet Male: Phenkta hoon Catch Karle Mera Dil Apne Dil Se Match Karle Mera Dil (I will throw my heart please catch it, with your heart please match it) Tu Hamara hai selection Tujhse hai humko Affection (You are my selection, and I have with you affection) Female: Apna tu Karle Correction, Miljayega Tujhe solution […]

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Love’s First Sight

Ek Ladki Ko Pyar Karte Hain Hum 1 Uski Ada Masoomsi Uspe Aitbaar Karte Hain Hum 2 Lakhon Mein Ek Hain Woh Haseena 3 Uske Bina toh Mushkil Hain Mera Jeena 4 Uska Hi Naam Dil Pe Likha Hain 5 Chehra Usi Ka Ankhon Mein Chhupa Hain 6 Uska Hi Deedaar Karte Hain Hum 7 Ek Ladki Ko Pyar […]