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Short stories with start and an end. Mostly, these are short stories with some twists and turns to make you feel better to read again or read latest updates.

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Hadook – Interesting eBooks for all – READ FREE at – In Hand Writer

Well, with two brothers and two sisters, Mr. Hadook is so happy to live a normal life. Hadook has so many special powers within him. And his siblings though older to him want him to become famous in the World. They try hard to convince him to use his special powers and become World famous […]

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How to Write short stories way interesting

You might want to write short stories as soon as you feel like writing something good. And you believe in yourself as a writer. However, your thoughts might be interesting to write short stories but your writing matters a lot and can pull you down. You maybe a good talented writer. And henceforth, you’re reading […]

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Losing job never hurts this man – A real time story – Grab it for FREE

Smith claims that he’s so much advanced that people often trouble him by behaving anciently. This complaint is not clear to look into it to sort out problems of Smith losing jobs. An arrogant personality and not enough matured is what Smith is all about. He cares not in losing jobs but sooner or later […]

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Forgiveness – A prime time real Story – Read for FREE – Grab it Now

A family of 5 members including loving parents and 3 kids used to called as group of daring five. Well, head of the family is Steve Jones and his wife is Della Jones. Their all three male kids named as Peter Jones, Terry Jones and Donald Jones. Peter is of 12 years of age. Terry […]

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Why working women are sensible? – A short Story – Read for FREE

Percentage of working women across the world has been on the rise. Here’s Emma as Software Engineer in a multinational company. She is always focused with her job and performs her duties responsibly with happiness. She’s always in joyful mood and that grabs attention of her men colleagues. Working for earning more & more is […]

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Man struggled all his life to achieve lesser than his creative talent levels

Creativity in human beings is the gift from God and should be utilized in a better way to achieve what it demands. This Man struggled throughout his life because he wanted to achieve something lesser. He knew that he would not get what he deserves and worked hard for achieving something lesser. This Man is […]

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Double Role Bollywood Script to read an unique story – Grab it FREE

The Double Role Bollywood Script as Follows: Cast: No issue   Producers: No Issue Directors: No Issue Writer: Khalid M Raza This double role script has nothing to do with our Free to read mode. It’s just a simple script and short enough to understand a few characters and their roles revolving around till the […]

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Creative talented man struggled in his entire life to achieve his goals – Script

Time belongs to no one when it gets passed away. We need to know about some creative people, who struggle throughout their lives and ended up tasting death. This script dedicated to one such individual, who lived his life for about 80 years having creative abilities. He was highly talented in different fields and wrote […]

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Jemma’s World FREE to read book to know emotions of making friends

Jemma’s World is right here and the comment section is open for and is secure. Go ahead. Chapter 1 “Poetry, will you be my friend?”, asked Jemma to herself stupidly because she thinks she is stupid as her school considers her a shocking dumb 10-year-old. They all get amused with her body language and prefer […]

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How Lovers Lose Relations – eBook – Read an interesting story

“How Lovers Lose Relations”, is an eBook that reminds you of the early era of lovers. Moreover, it’s so interesting that once you start reading the book you’ll be in a position to be relaxed. Pleasure of reading can only be found in this eBook, which’s not a surprise but something you’ll definitely share. The […]

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PM Story in short to reveal facts with useful spicy inputs

Disclaimer: In the beginning of this story some paragraphs are not in accordance with the PM of India. We regret that we have to publish this story as we know our readers will understand what are the facts and what are not. About PM Narendra Modi’s businesses as it was learned by us that he […]

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Lovers Take U Turn – Short Story – eBook – Read Now

Prologue (Lovers Take U Turn) Yes, lovers take U turn and much more for loving each other in a thrilling way. Here, the business lovers come together and they’re already known to each other before starting restaurant business. In a triangle of three, there happens to be a genuine second lover, who finds his love when he was her […]

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Sappy educated but Jobless finds success in small business

Sappy is the most unlucky lady after working so hard in her studies and couldn’t find a good job. Her father Jonathan used to work as a clerk in small organization and her Mother Sophia as housewife. Surviving on a little income the family of three live a life that cannot please them. Therefore, Sappy […]

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Story: Sad Journey Ends – eBooks – Best Lyrics -Poems and much more

Prologue: “Sad Journey Ends”, is a story written taking care about the mishaps that often lead to new relationship. Those are the relationships that happen on a one side basis. Here, the lead female is Anne and she finds Ram. Ram is the handsome lad, who helps her for a period of being with her […]

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Greeting messages available for different relations for Free

Here it goes, you need to write something then why not take our help for creating greeting messages better. Rightly so you might not agree and you want to write your greeting to your close ones on your own. But you’ll find our content helpful for you in any case. Greeting For Mothers My dearest […]