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Chuck Feeney of San Francisco donated 8 Billion USD and lived in poverty

You never know when you’ll die and cannot carry a bagful of money with you in the grave. This is what Chuck Feeney used to believe and lived a normal life. He used misery on himself and donated his earnings to the poor. His intentions needs to be understood as he never wanted fame over his donations. So, he used to tell the charities to keep him anonymous.


Chuck Feeney lives in an ordinary rented apartment with his wife in the city of San Francisco. He never wears expensive dresses and spends very less on himself though he says that he enjoys his life. Yes, he enjoys his life and takes care of donating huge money, which kept him peaceful as well. Chuck Feeney is the man to whom, everyone should give tributes. He’s the man, who likes to make money but not for himself.

He uses a plastic ordinary bag for his work and has glasses not glamorous and functional ordinary watches.


Chuck Feeney does not have his own car and travels on bus. He also contributed huge money to various Universities. Chuck Feeney donated $588 Million to Cornell University and also $125 Million to the University of California. He donated $60 Million to Stanford University. Mr Feeney used to help the poor in a hidden way. When, people noticed him as a selfless personality they asked him several questions. He replied by saying that human beings are born naked and die alone and left in the grave alone.


Outside of United States Chuck Feeney also spent Billions of dollars. Now, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet got inspired with his life and are trying to live like him. It’s incredible.

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