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How Teachers Learn – An Epic Poem – Read for FREE

How Teachers learn when students have fun in learning


It needs so much for the Teachers to make students listening


There’s a lot for the Teachers to learn while teaching


It’s good to guide students on a straight path with meaning


Not much for the students to keep patience


They get what they want in occasions


Yet they bother to trouble the Tutors


Students are humans and not creatures


They say what comes out from them


Teachers never build pressure over them


Yet the Teachers learn a lot


They do what’s their right thought 

Today’s students are so much frank


They never get without hard work any good rank


Teachers teach and let students to speak

For all the Teachers it’s like they’re on peak


But they carry no weight when mocked


They get abused and get shocked


Yes they learn this way and never blocked


Easier for the Teachers to earn this way


That they learn and teach in better way


Gone are the days when Teachers are blamed

They’re wonderful guides and shouldn’t be framed

Teachers never bother for their personal gain

They give more and get something not as vain

Their efforts are benefits for them through teaching

Teachers can’t say what they get other than just earning

They live a simple life to bring up the students

Teachers are the anchors of their attendants

They live as motivators for their students

Yes they learn a lot from their students

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Khalid M Raza

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