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How to Write Novels without experience in simple this way

How to write Novels? Seems an important question in the minds of the talented article writers. They can write business articles and much more with the use of their research work. Well, a well researched article will be the best for the readers for those particular subjects in detail and also truly helpful. However, Novels do not need any research for some reason. Novels can be written without experience of being a Novelist and it’s assumed that it takes your lot of time. You can complete a Novel in at least three weeks time. Otherwise, if you want to complete a novel in quick time then you’ll be the loser.


Novels have the beginning and the climax and finally an end. You can write romantic novels as well as Novels like harry potter (for kids). To begin with you need to make a point that at least a thousand words per day, you should write and with great effort. Your book (Novel), if takes time then it’s good for you. But, it’s better to complete it in a month’s time so that it will be written with your everyday effort. And this makes sense such that you’ll feel delighted to complete it after editing process gets over.

Novels Need Your Skills

When it’s said that your skill over your writing is impressive and you are a good writer then start writing. Choose the characters first and play with the words. And narrate the incidents as if you’re making the readers read through page by page to know more.

For example, if you’ve chosen four characters and their roles in your story then write upon their behavior also. By writing about each character’s behavior you’ll make sense for your content to be interesting. Once you create something in your content to apply the twists and turns then the book will become interesting. You can introduce as many characters as you want to support your story after writing about 3000 words of readable content. The description of the incidents should be clean and clear in your book so that readers will imagine what’s going on while reading.

Should Have More Words

Never think about ending the novels after writing over 20 thousand words. Take your time and write more and introduce some more characters and finish it on a high note. A good book is always readable and consists of more than 40 thousand words.


You’ve to be clear in your introduction pages, where your prologue should be of at least 500 words. Henceforth, it’s advisable that you should write the prologue or preface after finishing writing of your novels.


It’s very simple to write a book but very tough to sell it and extract fame through it. It’s also clear that a book that’s written with lot of effort will be the best seller. So, go ahead start writing.

Khalid M Raza

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