Job Interview Story

Guys, it matters a lot to me to write upon this most hot topic for those aspiring candidates to relax a bit and read this simple script written solely to encourage and beyond whatever level it might go I’m happy to publish it.

I may not say this article script is helping right from the word go.

However, it’s designed in the way to make you feel as something you might be gaining by reading through page by page, and for your better visions.

I lost many good jobs and not by my poor communication skills and poor knowledge but it’s assumed to be as I think the way of my attitude was not that of the sense, where the employers do like me to hire but for some reason as in cases as far as I know that my behavior mattered most to them to deny me a job and at that moment I was helpless.

Let’s see in what way this story helps you out.

Getting Ready

Most of you might be looking for a new job soon to get into the gradient to earn a handful of building your lifestyle the way you want.

Some maybe busy applying for jobs.

It needs to sort out to begin with, that, how vital it is to think you’ll perform at your best for the interview?

It’s not that difficult scenario for you at any level, and you might already get guided by your parents and well-wishers for that matter, the best questions needs the best situations to get answered.

Your first impression always should leave an impact that might lift you up.

Your smiling face matters a lot and to make sure you need to be firmly confident as to win the job at the instance you get seated to attend the interview, feel optimistic and be in eye contact, that’s vital and to keep your stare with lightened eyes a few seconds longer than usual as such to avoid getting nervous.

Let the interviewers lead the interview but remind yourself that you don’t need to wait until the end of the task in hand to keep ensuring that you are doing well.

It’s easy to unleash your technical skills whenever an opportunity to talk about those much important aspects arises.

You shouldn’t mind to ask anything you like as keeping yourself composed to listen more by using examples that apply. 

Do not get panicky in the middle when you couldn’t get words that you know and

forget those to use in your interview sessions.

Let the person, who’s trying to pull you down to extract the best out of you feel comfortable as such you just giving him or allowing him or her to ask you lengthy questions, thereby you are in patience, that’s best for you.

Listen to what’s told to you and find out what needs to be done by simply taking your own time without bothering the time is running out for the interviewer to take more interviews. Be as cool as a candy and not that much like an ice cream and for that matter you should adopt a middle way as such you might not be softer or might not be a bit of harsh. Just play your game and complete your interview round by round and be patient.

Let’s have for example about 10 members waiting for an interview; they as such in a queue to perform well at their best to get a job and they supposed to be A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J.

A to J might be males or females. As such after A to Z seen that there’s an ad in the newspaper, which says a multinational company providing with all facilities including medical and much more for experienced candidates to work in their company as a software engineer.

Single position and single vacancy with good salary promised and candidates age should be below 35 years and so on.

The company gets a number of resumes uploaded to the managements and few get short listed as A to J.

Then, therefore, there comes the due date sent to all A to J candidates and they get ready to face the challenge.

The date is as per the schedule gets set and happens to be within a few days later and for these A to J to get prepared well.   

The day happens to be Saturday and interview is scheduled to be from morning 9 am until late evening and all the short listed candidates were seen right before 9 am and were waiting to get in to face what comes to them and as they approach the reception, they were told to sit for a while in-lined as in a queue from say, A to J.

There the clock hits nine and everyone given a form to fill it and submit, thus the interviews begin.

As it applies, ‘A’ is in front of the interviewer and takes his seat and what he wonders not about a warm welcome but A notices that the interviewer doesn’t bother to look at him for about few minutes as he was busy reading something.

Disgusted A wants to leave the room, but to keep patience he asks for a glass of water.

The game begins with not much of anxious A and not much of tired the interviewer as such he was found reading by A that means to understand two things.

First one is the interviewer doesn’t like the body language of A and the second one is the preparation by the interviewer to take interviews of all the ten candidates in a few hours and finish of his duty.

Meanwhile, B to J are waiting outside by getting themselves busy reading some magazines there, and as well they might be getting prepared.

A gets water and he finds something in the glass and says not that he cannot drink; because he’s not too much thirsty and because the water is not too much dirty but he just takes a sip and keeps the glass down.

Observing these bit of well-mannered activities, he starts questioning A, and A impresses a lot to the interviewer and every question asked gets answered promptly by A and the joyful interviewer to end the interview asks him about his expected salary.

A says that he’s not greedy and he wants to enjoy working and that his expectation of the salary is half that of the market paying these days, in order to grab the job straight away, where 9 others were already in the queue. 

That is surprising and shocks the interviewer and he asks, how much money A usually spend in the weekends and gets again a reply from A that is amusing and because A is not greedy and hungry to earn more he doesn’t get the job.

The lesson to be learned here is to sell oneself for any job at a higher price always.

And that is the value one gives self and it also means self-respect as such, there might be an opportunity for you to work for a job you like the most and you have enough experience without getting paid much but as per the multinational companies pay you according to the market or more than that you got to make yourself more valued and sell yourself at good rates, and so on. 

He calls next person B.  
B before proceeding to say anything, he was glad the interviewer allows him to take a seat.     

Adding a spice, B introduces about himself to begin with, and goes on and on impressing the man seated on a big chair to get selected on the go, and goes well. This way, his expected salary was asked and he says a 30 per cent more than his current job pay.

He was then asked to receive the call they might call him soon and to do so in order to do his hiring process, furthermore, B was told to wait for a week to receive the call.

Even after couple of weeks later, B didn’t receive the call.

The process of interview gets disturbingly stopped for about two weeks as right from C to J have to wait for their turn as such the employers are busy deliberating.

B calls the company to know about his status and he was told to wait for some more time.

Fortunately, 15 days later all from C to J waiting in the company for their interview and some other two A and B obviously missing from the list being as short listed.

Now the shortlisted candidates, furthermore; are C to J.

However, the interviews resume and C enters the room, where the interviewer was not busy this time and greetings get exchanged for no reason, they are happy with each other but thinking cool, the interviewer looking at the casual dress that C was such that dressed, he smiles.

C was not happy over the silence after he was told to take a seat and be seated quietly so.

“Gentleman”, says he seated on the big chair, and continues, “tell me something about yourself”, C replies “you tell me first about you and your company and not to mention about your role”.

After an intriguing session passed by, C was told to send D in and C leaves anyway happily.

Who’s got to get selected?

The question is vibrating in the minds of 10 plus people around the job that matters to be given to 1 out of ten. In fact, ‘A’ already lost it and from these 9 the process builds up.

D is now unleashing few interesting words to the interviewer, as if showing his best communication skills to proceed. Now, and then he does this three times. Firstly, he puts his cap on the table, secondly his wrist watch and as third his bag and there goes the interviewer feeling uncomfortable. He, then gives D a puzzle to solve right at that time, right now and D tries hard and comes out with the best answer and D gets what not he wanted.

Appreciated for the best answer and without any further question asked and not at all asked about expected salary, D has to leave the interview room and next to come is E.  

E feeling nervous a bit tries hard to reply in loud and clear voice and his interview is taking lot of time as of now it’s already two hours passes by after he entered the room and F is waiting for his turn.

Furious F leaves the company and judged by none as restless and for some reason as he had to meet his girlfriend at a time both agreed to and for her he misses the interview and E is still there; in the room.

After another hour of speaking with E, the interviewer was happy to send E and calling in F and obviously G comes in as F has left the game. It’s not over yet.

The interviews go on till the last man J finishes. So, let’s see what G gets in return for all his patience and abilities and with all the preparation and the love he has for the company?

G is not knocked down yet as he tries hard to assemble the knowledge, experience and his skills to get the job that he needs desperately as his accommodation is near to this company and that also doesn’t matter as such all facilities the company provides including transportation as well.

Meanwhile, he is at the moment doing good and an hour again passes by and G was told to continue his interview the next day as such H, I, and J as well told to come later.

With the G leaves the room the interviewer keeps thinking and to sort out he is feeling cherished and was happy with all short listed 10 candidates A to J and unfortunately some of them lost the job already.

Why, he was feeling cherished? To know it, this sounds good as G was well dressed and looked nice and with his leaving the room his perfume’s smell stays and doesn’t leave the room and the interviewer feels this joyful smell and sits for a while to finalise upon G. He couldn’t do so because he was still impressed and love the way C gave the interview.

And the next day, there, waits only four candidates; G, H, I, and J.

G enters the room and feels pressure and some awkward way he adopts as such he forgets to apply perfume and was so much on edge with it and feels that missing from him, and nothing goes well with him and it’s not noticed by the interviewer though but G is uncomfortable.

There’s much to happen now and on this day as after an hour G has to leave and was not asked about his salary expectation and some other important aspects and so, he’s in thinking worriedly leaves for his home.

Now, its H’s turn to attend the interview and it follows this way and on the other hand the questions needs to get ready to be asked by the interviewer; silence prevails and H is sitting idle in the room.

Begins, H’s interview and H yarns for few seconds says “excuse me”, this sometimes sounds weird and unpleasant, while H is so much of beauty looks stunning, the young lady looks awesome as well and comes back with smiling face; to face the roller coaster ride.

He, the interviewer, spends some great time with H and finds she fits to work as his secretary, yet for his secretary to get hired, he needs permission from his senior manager and or directly from his boss.

After spending enjoyable moments with H, he keeps her reminding that he will call her back to work if she can fit in a position, the company needs.

So, then the landmark for him gets created in between to achieve her as working for him, and the company; the young lady H cannot be possibly without a vacant position for working as secretary at the moment not required and his goal gets not achieved. There’s soon, its noticeable to understand that I and J completes their interview and so on.

‘I’ welcomed in with a pleasant smile and his interview begins and ends abruptly.

This usually happens in the first instance while giving interview if you are found guilty of not speaking truthfully and not behaving in reality and look somewhat as unreal, then you might not catch the bus that takes you towards a new height in building your career.

You have to be more so be a smart thinker and very diligent and at times be patient to listen what’s being told to you and then you can speak. Stopping or interrupting in between to speak what you think at any moment may not be good for you or those to whom you are in conversation. One to one conversations always apply when listening is better.

Keep listening to what is told to you and thereafter you can reply with a word or few or more words. Do not always listen to answer and always listen to understand and that’s what you need to do.  

There’s another entry to the interview room, the last and final one. J enters and behaves well and looks knowledgeable and experienced but speaks too much and more so he is well dressed and with an attire that suits in marriage parties or functions, but anyway he was asked few questions and replies to every question promptly.

The few questions are not more than 10 questions upon the job responsibilities and for each question, the interviewer takes about 30 to 40 seconds to ask and the reply is more than 10 minutes that J takes to answer each question and the guy, who’s taking the interview gets confused. Later on, the session completes in 3 hours.

None of A to J were seen busy in celebration for one of them obviously gets selected.

Who’s that lucky person? Yes, it’s C, who brings some sweets to his home with a big smile on his face, and his family celebrates that he gets the white colour job in a multinational company and so on.

And the company celebrates as well as C gets a warm welcome and he was liked by all, where it’s all happening in Wipro, the multinational company and the interviewer, whose name being Steve David appreciated for selecting C by the higher management.

David, thinking about H, who’s beauty made him mad of her and wants her to get in.

He convinces the higher management and hires H as his secretary and this is what happens; work for more and work to get more.

The interesting aspect is all love to talk to H and she’s not only gets bothered by David but also get more than a dozen go mad on her beauty.

David was called upon by the management to start another hiring process as such there will be a vacant position of assistant manager as such the current marketing assistant manager is going to leave the company on account of some unavoidable circumstances, and to begin with discussing about hiring a new assistant manager in the company, the marketing manager Raj suggests H for this position and without any fuss to think and there she leaves David and she joins hands with Raj. Raj is happy to see her assistant manager is H and feels good, while David is awry of Raj. He misses no chance to see them together and comes every time in between them and talks with H a lot.

Raj wants something good for the company to grow on and on a large scale; as he is the marketing manager comes up with a brilliant plan and there, he goes up and calls for staff meeting and C also is present in the meeting and no one get missed except the miss H because she’s on a leave.

Lots of discussions go on in the meeting until C starts to speak. C wants to change all the content in the company’s website and for a while C brings things to a standstill position.

What’s the need to change all the content, which’s well written in the website, feels Raj and David retorts by saying it’s good idea and C deserves to get a round of applause for such a good suggestion.        

Many things keep on getting discussed, and importantly its superlative to make things happen. 

Things do get happened, and in due course, feeling fine and well balanced about, there’s huge gap in the making even though everything goes well; and with emerging technologies it’s bound to happen the way it’s as expected.

There’s a fine flow of things getting better and all that matters go well with each of the employees of the company.

David gets a chance to be with H and he was spotted there in the company by Raj and Raj orders him to do another hiring process for marketing executives and the company needs a bunch of twelve marketing executives to promote their newly launched scheme, that’s hidden at the moment and will be disclosed later to David. David agrees and gives another ad in the newspaper and contacts online job sites as well.

The hiring process starts and shortlisted candidates called for the interviews.

David takes interviews of 25 candidates and all scores extremely well and he selects as per the requirement and he selects 12 from the 25 candidates appeared for the interview.

The best part to play while giving an interview is just keep inclined yourself to listen and then as per your strength speak and be polite and careful of the words you use. And the words in your speech should be simple and should make you feel better.

It’s a nice style to adopt to be a good listener and with short and precise way not to forget to be in detail to make understand the person you are speaking to and you should reply to impress the interviewer.

Most important aspect is better understanding and better use of easy words in whatever way that should be; loud and clear for you to make understand the listener and by being a good listener, thereon you are supposedly be quick in responding and thereon be quick in adjusting the way that matters not to change what’s been talked upon. Leave the interviewer to ask you some different questions. As such there are rounds in interviews and once you pass the first round, you need to attend the next, thereby there may be a minimum of four rounds in the interviews and so on until you finish off with a smile to get selected.   

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There’s always job, and job as well as job for you in your own business. Also more job at anytime. Keep yourself busy.

Khalid M Raza

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