Love me with no Reason

Love me with no Reason

Love is there every Season

I want to learn give me Tuition

Come to me also have the Fun

Don’t make me your Burden

What will happen Then

All of a Sudden

Kill me with love’s Poison

Take me to the Prison

Hold me and make me tighten

Act not like Everyone

Hug me with no Reason

Love is there every Season

Well, this simple English Lyrical content is yet another post from us as it sounds: Love me with no Reason! But you’ve every reason to see everywhere in this site the content that you may like. Check each post. There are some posts, which might disappoint you and those are the ones on politics. These posts are reported to us in voice and we turn them into words. Many thanks to you for visiting the site just for searching Love and you got plenty to read.

The goal and target from us not yet achieved. Therefore, we keep on writing and let you know through social media. You can follow us on Twitter as well. Get connected with us and let us write some funny things for you as well as some interesting content. Many Thanks.

Khalid M Raza

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