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Loving Poem for Siblings – Love is Passion since Childhood

Loving is nothing for us but Passion


We care each other in our vacation


Spending time together is awesome


As we grow older we remember all occasions


We play indoor and play at stations


Never work without being in groups


Our loving is bothering not of our looks


We surprise one another with heartfelt feelings


Pleasant surprises are welcome for our teachings


One of us stands on the feet to help all in family


We fight and we love as we grow older as family


Everyone has the right to object each other


No matter what the outcome will just another


It’s our duty to care and be together


As we learned from our parents altogether


Parents want us to live and let others live


They hold us together for what we achieve

So nice to be separated in adult age


That we never bother to be in outrage


We maybe 3 or 4 or maybe six


Nothing matters us to get anything fix


Time to remember glorious past


Always keeps us in deep thoughts


Everything looks so bad


When not connected it’s so sad


We have intent for loving


We take pride for serving


It’s like we maybe brothers all


Maybe we are just only sisters all


Or we can be a mix together all


We think positively for all


We love things that matters all

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    Amazing poetry!!♡♡♡

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