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Pandemic will be left behind as USA to enjoy 2021 summer

The Atlantic’s author James Hamblin quoted in his article, titled: “A quite possibly wonderful summer”. He went on to write that families will travel and (relatives and friends) might gather. The Pandemic may feel like it’s behind us – even if it’s not. It was so good to read James Hamblin’s article that we included it here: “A Quite Possibly Wonderful Summer”. People should be optimistic or if they want to be optimistic then it’s time to say that the Pandemic will be left behind. And during this summer 2021, it will be the good times. The summer usually starts in USA from July onwards.

It was also learned that by the month of August 2021, the U.S. could vaccinate 70 to 80 percent of the population. And could possibly reach herd immunity. However, it’s again good to know that May or early June will be the window when most Americans could have access to vaccines.

But there are some concerns about new coronavirus variants. Ashish Jha, the dean of the Brown University School of Public Health told James Hamblin: That he doesn’t see viral mutation to expect that most people couldn’t be well protected within that time frame.

It would mean if it’s good to be optimistic, that pre-pandemic life will return this summer of 2021 in USA. USA is a major concern to the World around as more cases reported in this super power country since the pandemic started spreading.

Good To Know This:

Most of the country could have reasons to lift restrictions on social distancing, gathering, and mask wearing. A normal life could return to schools, churches, and restaurants. Sports, theater, and cultural events could resume. People could travel and dance indoors and hug grandparents, their own or others’. In most of the U.S., the summer could feel … “normal.” James Hamblin wrote in The Atlantic.

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