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PM Story in short to reveal facts with useful spicy inputs

Disclaimer: In the beginning of this story some paragraphs are not in accordance with the PM of India. We regret that we have to publish this story as we know our readers will understand what are the facts and what are not. About PM Narendra Modi’s businesses as it was learned by us that he never did any business. He was a tea supplier and a life-term member of the RSS. We cannot say wrong about our enemy as well because we want peace and truth should prevail. Other than some wrong information this story is interesting to read. Thanks.


It’s a sad story of the Indian PM Narendra Modi’s downfall. He got what he deserved and even lesser as he’s a liar. His days of being at the top position are going to end and no more harm he can do after his exit. The book about him includes his footwear business to begin with but it’s just to make the story interesting otherwise everything is clean and clear. Only the points to write about his various businesses are that he had never done and those are included to support our book for readability.

However, the journey of the Indian Prime Minister from being a tea seller and an RSS member to second time winner is all but the truth. I apologise if some other bad deeds of the Prime Minister of India aren’t included in this book, which might be known to the world soon. But, you can find out that he’s cheating Indians a lot and troubling the minorities, specially the Kashmir people. Please go ahead and read the story as his biography.

Business Story         

An illiterate at 18 years of age, who lived in Vadnagar for 18 years in India and who keeps on trying businesses. He has good money with him and he invests his money to set up a business. His determination and arrogance keeps him to run the business for over 2 years without any profit. You might be wondering what business he started and upon which he spent more than two years of his time and wasn’t successful. Well, he started a footwear business. And there’s some uniqueness in his business because he used to repair the shoes too as his after sales services. Yet, he finds there’s no loss and no profit.

Firstly, he has to pay the rent, which’s 30 thousand INR per month and employees not well maintained by him. Total expenses including rent, electricity bill, water bill and staff salaries equals to 75000 INR per month. He has to bear all of these expenses and he hopes good for the growth of his business. However, three years get passed by and he still couldn’t generate any profit or a little income. But sadly to avoid getting bankrupt he shuts down his footwear business.

He then starts to think about doing another business and keeps thinking about it.

Let him think about starting another business but let’s discuss about the failure of his footwear business. Well, he used to speak a lot of lies and when he speaks he speaks lies. Customers these days like those businesses, which are transparent and open hearted to serve them. This man is a liar and cannot give up this habit. He doesn’t have children being his another weakness and his wife keeps fighting with him. He comes home late and drunk and fights with his wife and mother every night.  

The Hatred of PM (Facts)

This man is Hindu unfortunately and hates the peaceful religion Islam. Keeps on speaking all lies about Islam to the people around him. Whatever stories he used to create against Islam turns out to be fake. Some communal Hindus starts liking him but his businesses fail because of his tongue that speaks lies. Therefore, he in his first footwear business after coming to India’s another city failed because of speaking lies.

One day, his wife decides to leave him and he agrees to live on his own. They both husband and wife depart on a no good no bad rule. Thus, he starts step by step many businesses but fails in each of them step by step. Someone, suggests him to join politics but he joins RSS (Hindu Terror Organization). In RSS he gets the training to hurt the minorities of India and those are non-Hindus. Next step he takes is by speaking to the people with his speeches delivered with changes and manipulation of history.

History was manipulated and he gains lot of followers and then he starts a big fruit market business. There, in his fruit market also sales start to rise but then decline and he gets frustrated. He’s jealous of the Muslim fruit sellers in India and complaints about them to the road authorities. Then he feels relieved to get their shops closed down because they used to occupy road space and sell fruits. However, he never succeeds in any business because of speaking lies.

PM as a Tea Seller & More

Later on, he starts selling tea being a terror group member (RSS member) and starts making some money. RSS is that organization, which keeps hatred over minority population growth. When RSS realized that Hindus are converting to Christianity and Islam, they started a campaign, which gained nothing by troubling the minorities. RSS still wants Hindus to give birth to as many Hindus as they can but talks about India’s population as a worry.

Over 1.2 Billion population of India is the greatest market to the world but RSS thinks that only Muslim population is growing. These insane thoughts in this man, who left his wife and mother starts to speak all lies about other religions and he used to praise only Hinduism.

His tea business grows and he’s left uneducated and also cannot speak English fluently.

In order to spread hatred of Muslims for the Hindus the RSS decides to make this man their Chief member. He’s happy now and starts delivering hate speeches against Muslims and in no time becomes popular.

Finally, he enters politics, where almost all the politicians speak lies. He becomes Gujarat’s Chief Minister then. Furthermore, he acquires fake degree certificates as it says he had done graduation after his post-graduation, which’s absurd.  

More Facts About PM    

After taking full control in Gujarat as Chief Minister, he starts his filthy mind to do something bad to the minorities there. Hence, he initiates fake encounters and kills many innocent Muslims. No government official comes for the rescue of the Muslims in Gujarat. So, in 2002, he makes use of RSS people and brain washes them to keep them ready for a big step. Creates fake train attack incident and then kills over 2000 Muslims in Gujarat as a mass massacre. Muslim pregnant women also gotten raped and their unborn children killed heinously. Torture to Muslim women, children and men is the highlight of his leadership.

One day, he was asked as what did he felt when many Muslims in Gujarat were killed. He replied to this by saying he feels pain even if a dog comes in front of his car. This hatred he always carried forward with speeches of all his lies on Muslims in India.

The NDA government then told him to fight election from Varanasi and after that they chose him as their PM candidate.

Media started advertising and started all the news in support of NDA. BJP got impetus from the media and this man becomes the most popular person thanks to Indian Media. Indian Media started singing about BJP and their PM candidate. People were told that they’ll get about 1500 thousand INR in their bank accounts and they believed this and favoured him a lot.

People also started gathering in large numbers to his rallies and events. He continued targeting Pakistan and confirmed with another lie that which was in doubt to the Indians. Indians started loving him and then as he made Pakistan their biggest enemy, people voted him and he won the elections for BJP.

Unacceptable Acts of PM

In many interviews after he became the Prime Minister of India, he was unable to answer simple questions. When a school student wanted to know that what will be the impact to the world by climate change, he replied stupidly. He claimed that climate is not changing only people are changing.

In 2014, he made his intentions clear and started his new agenda of mob lynching. Hindus were told to catch Muslims and force them to say “Jai Shree Ram”, and later they kill the innocents even if the Muslims say these words or not. In the name of cow slaughter, Hindus started keeping cow meat in the mosques and started killing Muslims. Many Muslims were killed and are getting killed under his leadership.

However, when he was asked why the BJP government allowed mob lynching to happen in India so frequently. He answered as lame as it could be by saying Muslims should not live in India under fear.

Soon, he thrashed the business people and many businesses were shut down because of demonetization. People were patient and accepted demonetization and struggled hard to fight for their turn in the banks. GST was introduced soon and then both demonetization and GST brought Indian economy in turmoil.

He made promises to the farmers and started playing with Indian economy with his frequent foreign trips. No country till date increased India’s exports as they were pleased with the Indian PM to export their products to India. For a mass marketing of BJP party, and pleasing the people, he started clean India movement (Swach Bharat). Built many toilets and gained some momentum after people started cursing him. The Swach Bharat campaign and make in India campaign allowed people to favour him again.

Corrupt Mind of PM

There was Pulwama attack in the month of February 2019, and he blamed Pakistan for this. The attack was actually an inside one as one of the Kashmir man died with some Indian soldiers. Indian media started yelling that as 40 Indian soldiers died so kill 400 Pakistanis. In place of 40 kill 400 was the slogan of the media. So, the Prime Minister took advantage and did attack Balakot with surgical strike 2.0 and their fighter planes were shot down by Pakistan.

The pilot Abhinandan Vardhman was returned to India as a peace gesture. Yet, Indian media created some interesting news over this and claimed that Pakistan gotten feared. And they made the pilot as the hero of India and exaggerated his role and nothing from the pilot brought to the notice of the people of India because the pilot praised Pakistan and that was hidden truth. No one from Indian media could able to show the pilot’s interview as he spoke in favour of Pakistan.

In his Balakot air strikes in retaliation to the inside Pulwama attack, only a few trees were damaged. But media claimed that PM killed 325 terrorists by bursting the terror camp, which wasn’t there. Along with the Indian Prime Minister, the media also became a biggest liar.

BJP Since 2019

BJP since 2019 feared that they won’t win the elections as Rahul Gandhi was supposedly to drive Indian economy better. But being claiming as a secular person and talking bad about BJP again hit the bulls eye of BJP. Then they reacted by saying Rahul Gandhi is in fact supporting Pakistan and BJP under Narendra Modi started talking about Pakistan. Their marketing agents were free to travel all around India and promised the poor for their benefits and told them to vote for BJP.

Narendra Modi started attacking Pakistan in his speeches and people started following him. He was always looked aggressive in his speeches across India and blamed Pakistan to please Indians. Indians then forgot what will be their position and Indian economy’s and voted Narendra Modi. He celebrated his victory and kept on visiting various countries as his foreign trips resumed after he got re-elected. His plans to eliminate Pakistan pleased the people of India and he spoke about Pakistan as India’s biggest enemy.

Then he abrogated article 370 and 35A and made the Kashmir people suffer under curfew since a couple of months. It’s sad that the people of Kashmir cannot pray Friday prayers and their children can’t go to school. Even medical facility for the sick people has been shut. Hospitals aren’t working and people are burying their dead ones inside their homes. So much torture is ongoing in the valley that the world leaders were not aware of.

For Kashmir Imran Khan

However, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan became the Ambassador for Kashmir and worked hard to wake up the world. In the UNGA conference Imran Khan made it clear that India is troubling the people of Kashmir by putting them in jails.

Mass killer of Muslims in India has been the expectation of PM Imran Khan from Narendra Modi. So, he went to US and spoke about Narendra Modi and revealed each and every intention of PM Modi. Further, Imran Khan wants India to revoke the abrogation of article 370 and that means to restore it. Narendra Modi in his speech at UNGA spoke as if he was speaking in Lok Sabha. He claimed in his five years he has done all good to the Indians and nothing bad. But, he’s the worst leader of India, which the world now sees him and believes him not. His atrocities are far too many and there’s his downfall is not too far.     

Khalid M Raza 

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