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Poems Book as Poetry Speaks volumes for FREE to Read – Read it anytime

The “25 Elite Poems for Kids” is a blessing to the parents and the schools. The book of poetry for kids is elegant and is completely so unique and of today’s demands. Kids will love to read this book and should read it and memorize too. They’ll find the book as interesting as they’ll keep in their bookshelf and become popular to the people in their lives. They can read out the poems in a gathering or in their schools to find only praised and praised more.

All are welcome to purchase this poetry book as it’s available for sale on Amazon. Go ahead and get the book for better prospects. The 25 poems are all so nice to read and easy to memorize. Recite the poems in any tune, which would only help the kids to get inspired to write on their own.

If a brilliant kid student has the hobby of writing, then this book is very useful to him or her. You can give us your reviews after purchasing this book on a reasonable price. Looking forward for you to help the kids grow with the goodness of reading books. Our earlier book, “Poetry School for Kids” also is the bestseller among our various books on several subjects. So, do not wait for too long thinking whether to purchase this book or not. Think about us and let us also grow with more books from us to come in your way. Let’s begin with the first poem for example till the end of poem number 25.

Poem 1 (Speak)

Speak Something

Speak Something

Say Something

Look at us

Look at us

We are listening

We are listening

Speak out dear you

We want to cheer you

Happiness can make you speak

Happiness can make you teach

Teach us what you want to

Reach us when you want to

Come on say loud and Clear

Don’t be shy oh my dear

Sleep early and get up early

Eat healthy and live safely   

Poem 2 (Be Truthful)

I never try to speak a lie

I keep smiling and never cry

I make efforts

For all comforts

I want to learn

For what I need to earn

I say good bye

To the evil eye

I hate speaking lies

And love French fries

My food is full of nutrition

I keep myself having fun

Not all the time I’m busy

I’m happy to sleep early

I keep fit myself by smiling for I know

Cheers are my own that I never borrow

I make people around me happy

I do exercise to bring in me energy

I fight for justice to all

As I know I take care of all

I might become a leader

For that I’m a good reader 

Poem 3 (Avoid Stage Fear)

Speaking on stage holding the mike

Reaching out many people alike

My stage show is on

I just carried on

A loud round of applause

For me it was just a pause

My intentions are clear

In whatever channels I appear

I know what I’m doing

Only forward I’m looking

I’m not shy and I’m brave

I don’t cry for I’m not so great

I live a life as much like an author

I write for my country as an order

I use my skills to raise my voices

I use my strength to praise my choices

I don’t have any worries

I’m happy with my stories


Poem 4 (Routine)

I spend my day in school

I come back home so cool

I change my dress and have fun

I never cheat my parents or anyone

I do my homework on time

I write a lot in my free time

I play outdoor games

I never play online games

I do have snacks in the evening

I speak to my friends who keep listening

I obey my parents

I develop my talents

I work on my skills

This way I get all the thrills

Poem 5 (Helpful)

I prefer to help everyone

I look to serve everyone

I impress not everyone

But I’m concerned about everyone

The rewards I earned are not for fun

I work hard to make my studies easy

I look for options that I receive easy   

For living not alone I care everyone

I think all about loving everyone

I end up the day with fun

I look forward for everyone

Poem 6 (Make Life Busy)

I do what I want to

Tough things I can’t do

I keep learning

And keep listening  

I never sit idle

I follow the life cycle

In proper way that my parents know

My parents teach me whom to follow

I don’t waste time as it’s precious

I use my sense and in conscious

I have options to carry on and be busy

With my friends I take matters so easy

I love to help my parents

I look to enhance my talents

I enjoy my time in the weekends

My story is long and it never ends

Poem 7 (My World)

It’s my world for I can see

I feel my world for I can see

It’s my world for I can hear

I feel my world for I can bear

It’s my world for I can listen

I love my world for I can mention

I know my world in peace

I show my world with ease

It’s my world for any reason

I love my world of any season


Poem 8 (Help The Poor)

We need to love the poor

We need to help the poor

All human beings should live in peace

All human beings should live in ease

The comfort of technology

The effort of biology

The research of science

The work of the minds

All these can help the poor

To live in peace for sure

Let’s make the world peaceful

Honour those, who are graceful

Poem 9 (Progressive)

Let us be progressive

Let us be progressive

We should educate the pledge to all

We should spread knowledge to all

Let us live and let others live

Let us be progressive

Let us be progressive

Let us get along and forgive

Let us be progressive

Let us be progressive

Poem 10 (Rise)

Feelings are so nice

We think we will rise

Once again make effort

For all our needs and comfort

Teachings are so nice

We think we will rise

Once again we should be alert

Once again to others never hurt

Meanings are so nice

We think we will rise

Poem 11 (My Dog)

My dog is my lovely friend

He’s so cute and has no end

To eat his meals

The joy he feels

He wants me to watch him

So that I bring food for him

He’s so honest

He’s my dearest

I see him like a wonder

He never makes any blunder

He goes with me for walking

Every day early in the morning 


Poem 12 (Work Together)

We should find a solution

To keep away the pollution

We need to discuss

Our time is precious

A better way that we need to find

Should plant greenery of every kind

Gardens should be built

No fear and no more guilt

For what we feel of climate change

We should work together for a change

Building gardens at our homes also nice      

Watering plants at our homes also nice

Let’s work on greenery everywhere

Let’s beautify scenery everywhere

Let’s take initiatives for global warming

Let’s work together for nature’s warning

Come on let’s be united

Be kind and be excited

Working together matters

Act together as initiators

Nothing is so complicated

Let’s see what’s implemented

With our efforts together

For our comforts all over

Better life for our future generations

We should care for next generations

Working for future

Working for nature

Can make us understand

The produce of the sand

Where there’s beauty of green

It’s nice to be in our duty of green

That’s how we can be much better

So, understand the world better


  Poem 13 (Achieving)

Congrats for your achievements

Cheers for your accomplishments

You are my true friend

You have set a new trend

I will be glad to give you a treat

I will be happy when you meet

I like to work like you

I will be worthy like you

Time for me to work hard

I will play as your trump card 

Be with me for I know you better

Let’s be together and friends’ forever  


Poem 14 (Safe Driving)

Dear Dad please don’t drive rash

Speed is not safe don’t drive fast

Be careful and follow road rule

If you’re drunk, I can’t go school

Dear Dad please leave bad habits soon

Quit smoking and look over the moon

All in the family care you Dad to be with us

Find peace with us and then play with us

Stop when you find red signals

Don’t ignore traffic signals 

Oh my dad please know that safety is first

Don’t drink wine to quench your thirst


Poem 15 (Sweat)

Sweating with hard work is pleasing

Sweating with warm weather is teasing

The sweat of hard work matters lot

Warm weather irritates for so hot

High humidity make us feel in agony

Working in any weather benefits any

The sweat in humidity that comes out

Not matters than work sends sweat out

It’s nice to sweat while playing outdoor

It also keeps us fit while playing outdoor

Rich in hot weather sit under AC or fans

Poor, who work under sun can still dance

The nature is not against the poor

Neither it’s a gain for rich than the poor

It’s all about bearing heat

Let’s be honest and neat

Sweat cannot bother anyone over

When they have fun taking shower

Poem 16 (Love)

Love is always a reason to smile

We cannot love anyone for a while

We love our mother

We love our father

We love our sister

We love our brother

For love is never ending

As it holds our feeling 

Keeping good relations makes love to grow

When love grows there’s always a good show

We love our mother

We love our father

We love our sister

We love our brother

Poem 17 (Pets)

Loving our pets

Always the best

For they don’t know what to do

We can guide them what not to do

Pets love us for what we are

They are like a rising of a star

Pets keep us busy in our free times

They get training in our free times

Though they can’t speak

Pets are better to keep

Poem 18 (Science)

Speed of the light is faster than sound

Striking clouds create first light around

Than from clouds you can hear the sound

In between thunders we see rain around

A storm can make us fear

Sounds that we then hear

We choose to remain indoors

While heavy rainfall that pours

We keep the doors and windows shut

Just to keep away from heavy rain’s threat

It’s proved that when there’s heavy rain

It benefits some and some can also gain

Rainfall is always welcome

To fulfil our water problem

Poem 19 (Teacher)

Teaching some good our teacher is teaching

Listen to teacher what our teacher is teaching

Teacher teaches science and teaches math

Homework we get as teacher teaches what

Follow the rules and follow the teacher

Never allow fools to become a creature

Don’t miss any class of the teacher

Teaching is what makes the teacher

Our teacher can make us great 

We like teachers but never afraid

Teaching some good our teacher is teaching

Listen to the teacher what teacher is teaching …

Poem 20 (Fatty Smarty)

Fatty smarty calm

His name is Tom

Tom never gets afraid

He follows what is said

In the class of his school, he is silent

He can speak in his school, with his talent   

He is fatty and smarty

Looks never naughty

He is Tom

Remains calm

Tom answers every question been taught

Dressed neatly and Tom is never at fault

Tom is happy and looks cool

He is very regular to his school

Let us think about his story

Tom never has any worry   

He makes not others laugh

He is simple as the calf

He looks cute

Tom is not rude

Fatty smarty calm

His name is Tom

Poem 21 (Lecture)

Lecture is worth listening from elders

Lecture can make us learn from teachers

Lecture needs our concentration

We feel nice and in limitation

Being silent we can listen lecture

We will know later what is big picture

We keep thinking what is told in the lectures

This way we learn to do well in exam papers

Poem 22 (School is Treasure)

Our treasure is our school

That keeps us very cool

We spend time with friends

We are nice to our friends

We also come to know about friendships

We also get lot of fun with school trips

We are able to play at the school

We are able to study at the school

School is our treasure

Which gives us no pressure

Working hard is our pleasure

Learning is all our treasure

Poem 23 (Elephant)

Elephant keeps walking

While dogs keep barking

Elephant is delightful to watch for us

No attempt Elephant does to catch us  

Sometimes Elephants can be angry

When the Elephants feel hungry

Elephant is one of the biggest animal

As giant as one of the biggest mammal

Some Elephants are grey in colour

While a few are white in colour


Poem 24 (Birds)

Definitely Birds have feathers to fly

So, Birds are seen in the sky

However, Birds live in their nests

On Trees, Birds also take rests 

They build their own nests to lay eggs

And they hatch together their all eggs

Many Birds have lovely voices

The Birds are of different sizes

Yes some Birds are colorful

All Birds are beautiful

When Birds are afraid to be caught

Yes Birds fly away from getting caught

Birds are not easy prey for cats

But Birds keep fear in their thoughts

Birds can smell their enemies

Birds fly away from their enemies

The Birds of same feather

Always fly together

Poem 25 (Outside Food)

Chicken Soup is the best starter 

I need chicken soup in my order

When I see menu in restaurants

I look for Chinese food contents

After I had enough chicken soup first

I drink water though I feel no thirst

Loving to have food outside is my hobby

Every weekend I take with me my family

We enjoy a lot and have fun

We eat lots of yummy chicken     

… Khalid M Raza

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