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Sappy educated but Jobless finds success in small business

Sappy is the most unlucky lady after working so hard in her studies and couldn’t find a good job. Her father Jonathan used to work as a clerk in small organization and her Mother Sophia as housewife. Surviving on a little income the family of three live a life that cannot please them. Therefore, Sappy decides to start a small business with a few bucks of investment.

She seeks her father’s attention to discuss about starting a small business as she’s fed up of job hunting and her struggled life. Here the intentions are clear that she wants to help boost the income of her family of three for better living. This idea looks wonderful to her father as her 21 year old daughter is thinking out of the box. So, he agrees to what she wants to do.


The small business that she starts is of making sandwiches and she used to stand near a railway station and starts selling. Within few days her income increases as most people there like the sandwiches and her business grows. Sandwiches that she used to make are of her own recipe. Bread slices and within it some green vegetables and cucumber paste and so on. Well, they’re awesome in taste.


Sappy Looks Back Not

There’s no looking back for her now as she keeps working hard in her business and moves forward. Now, her mother Sophia and her father Jonathan along with their daughter as businessperson live happily.


After couple of years, Sappy takes a shop on rent and starts selling sandwiches there. Adding burgers and tea in the menu and she earns more and then her business grows more. Thereby, she finds huge success with her business of only three items. Sandwiches, burgers and tea. Then she starts spreading franchisees of her business and becomes as a business tycoon at the age of 27 years.

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