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Shortfall In Employment Affecting Youth As Pandemic Exposes Govt

The shortfall in employment since working hours create circumstances of “do it in anyway”. And due to poor working conditions, youth affected more. Companies looking to reduce their expenses and their expenses includes the salaries to their employees. The lesser employees any company keeps on duty, the less will be the expenses. But making them […]

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Telangana Lockdown Maybe Added With 15 Days Or More – Full Story

Telangana State Chief Minister KCR taken forward more positives of a 20 hour daily lockdown, which he initiated from May 12. The reduced number of Covid cases in the lockdown also indicate that Telangana lockdown maybe added with 15 more days. Further reports claim that on June 6 or 7, the Chief Minister will declare […]

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India To Average 3 Lakh Positive Cases For Next 2 Weeks

While some European countries excluding France showing a planned fight against the pandemic, India’s situation becoming worse. Bad to worse situation is the failure of the gov’t to supply vaccines to the people as much as possible. But, the unplanned lockdown throughout India in 2020 was the main reason for today’s precarious situation. In the […]

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World under stop as COVID-19 pandemic still rules for what?

Jobs for the people are decreasing and that’s what the world under stop as COVID-19 pandemic still ruling us. Does this mean that the world will regain what it lost due to COVID-19? Not only loss of jobs but also poverty and hunger will rise. This unrest has been created and that’s highly condemned. Your […]

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WHO Chief Blames Political Leaders of several Countries for COVID-19 spread

The number of cases of COVID-19 outside China has increased a lot more than expected. And the number of affected countries has been not doing well to stop the spread of the infectious disease. WHO Chief blamed political leaders for the rising cases of COVID-19 in their respective countries. However, he did not mentioned their […]