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The Book on All Sins – Must Read to Know all Bad for Good Life

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When you go through some bad situations in life then you know life better. If you’re hurt, you know life better. If things not go in your way and people ignore you then you know life better. And if you read more what this Book, Sins… The Book covers you would be excited. The Book covers all the sins and it’s truly interesting Book, you ever come across.

Moreover, when you commit sins and ignore the ever existing Lord of the World then you know life better. Earlier, one of the songs that I wrote says with initial few words: “I’m thankful to you for discontinuing relationship of love with me because I learned a lot about the World…”. The way people react or ignore your good thoughts can lead you to commit sins or do good deeds.


This Book, Sins… The Book, is all about how we commit sins and never know the Creator of the World always watching us. We shouldn’t be sad even if we commit sins. All of us should know that God loves to forgive. And He’ll forgive you, and so don’t be sad.   


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All people belong to the Worldly life and we also belong to the life after death. Most of us do not care about the life after death but our Lord, the Almighty knows everything. He knows what you think and what you conceal and even what will happen to you in your future. He knows the time of your death as you know not and you’ll never know even if you’re suffering a lot from any disease.


Let’s Know More…

Things are so much calculated that some of the things discussed in this Sins…The Book, you might be already familiar with. I appreciate your effort to go through this interesting Book, which will remind you to be good with all the people you know or you know not. You help the strangers after you know they’re troubled and this way you’re benefited with rewards. And this kindness of you pleases your Lord and you’ll be guided. You’ll be guided to straight path. Committing sins are easy and you do so and you repent as this is human behavior. And the Almighty God loves all his created souls even if they commit sins.


Humans are the best souls that our Lord created. Lord, Almighty and Creator in this Sins…The Book, means God only.   


Chapter 1  – Sins… The Book 

Here we’re to know more about Sins…The Book. Let’s not forget that people, themselves; responsible to find a better way of life. They’ll be given with bounty and they’re famous in this World as their efforts won’t go in vain. They’re tested in this way with more wealth. However, the poor people also tested with poverty and more poverty. Yet, they’ll be shown some troubled people and some hungry people so that even the poor people should be thankful to the Lord of the World.


Yes, people do not know about their sins and also about their good deeds. This is so because even if they follow a straight path of life, they’ll be committing sins and more sins. Arrogance and being proud over what you possess often go unnoticed. You’ve to be content with what you have and you never should be content with what you do.


Let’s put things this way that to begin with: We know that not even a pencil, which you need to write or draw something could never be made by itself. How can you imagine that the Stars, Moon, and Sun and Mountains for example could be made or created on their own? As you know nothing could be made by itself or you’ll know about this soon. There must be somebody, who brings rains and fruits and many more things for you to live. Is He not your Lord and to whom you worship and be thankful?


Some Useful Additions…

Who can say that human beings or some experts invented the Sun, etc.? No! So you must know that the power behind the creation is the Creator. And He is ever existing and there’s no beginning for Him and no end for Him. One day this World will come to an end. And if you know not what you were doing so far and what you need to do? Then your term of life will be wasteful. Isn’t it?


Sins take place when you hurt somebody. You might be responsible in any way to hurt any individual because of your behaviour. Hurting others paves the way for many sins committed out of this bad behaviour. It’s good to know all bad and live a progressing life. The moment you realize that you hurt so and so, you need to apologize. Backbiting is yet another sin.

Some More…

If any person knows from behind that you’re speaking about his bad behaviour or anything bad about him to others, then what? He would be disappointed. Think good for all and be good to all because this Worldly life’s journey is too short. It might be about 100 years. But this is very short time because the life after you judged on the day of Judgement is endless. And will never end at all.


Preparing for a joyful endless life makes sense to know about sins. When you get ready on time to go for work, then if you never realize how you should be remembering your Lord? And why should you remember your Lord? It’s because He’s the greatest and His position is most High. He’s the King of the Kings. He is Omnipotent. Remember your Lord and be thankful to Him to keep yourself away from sins.  


When you want to know about sins and good deeds, then you need to know that God always watching you. And it’s because your lies are the weakest of the weaknesses to commit more sins.


Must Read The Book on all Sins…

You can fool anyone with your clever lies and you’ll then realize that lie is a lie. “Why I commit lie when I know, who created me is always watching. And what will happen then?”. These thoughts come in the minds of good people. Refrain from speaking lies then slowly you’ll not commit any sin. The reason to stop committing sins is knowing that your Lord is watching you. Lies can benefit you and truth might put you in losses. And these losses from speaking truth are good for you at the end. You’ll benefit more with speaking truth rather than speaking lies. But, it’s better to be quiet and keep yourself away from arguments.


Let’s be comfortable with what all we’ve gone through till now. You’ll know that Sins…The Book, becomes more interesting to read after couple of more chapters. We think that our actions sometimes go with no reaction. However, Newton’s law says that for every action there is a possible reaction. Newton is also included in Sins…The Book. Hmm. So, be prepared to know all the details regarding the topic, and much will be covered. Hope you’re enjoying reading right now. Absolutely, there’s no way that you can’t enjoy reading this Sins…The Book.

Why Need to Know All Sins?

Little more thoughts over lies, in written and spoken ways. One lie can create wonders to add 100 more lies to it. Just to convince people. You know not, if you stop speaking lies, how lovely your life could be. I’m not targeting you in any way at all. A few people might speak lies or the whole World never say lies? How this can be true? There’s every reason that people have to speak in a way that suits their character. And in this way the most hateful sin committed. The most hateful sin is lie. It can disappoint your spouse and other family members. Why not? Be calm and quite in some cases and try to speak truth. Truth benefits everyone sooner or later.


We write stories, and so many authors all over the World write fictional funny stories. That’s alright because with fictional fun you’re not harming anyone, right? However, media in this context creates reports out of nowhere. Sometimes supports the governments and sometimes exposes failures of the governments. There’s lot of concern here, practical thoughts should be applied to produce factual reporting. Rather than creating fake stories, and news media is nothing but fictional in some Countries.


You can see there are a few reliable channels, where they keep on rising with their truthful or factual reporting. Even if your enemy is right, then you need to come in for supporting your enemy rather than supporting your lie speaking friend. This is always challengeable. 

The Book & More…

Most of us know that there are some businesses, who speak truth and survive for a long time. Yet, many businesses speak lies and make more profits. This way, their Worldly life unfolds and they’re used to run their businesses as they prefer to. However, today’s customer knows the intentions of the businesses and ignores their lies or truths. He or she only prefer quality service and quality products. Profitable business always capable of revealing the truth to the customers. But, they need to hide some or conceal many things from their customers because it’s better to keep secrets as secrets.


And importantly, they’re always away from speaking lies. So, they manage to make profits and when they speak, they speak truth and make more profits. This kind of operating of the business always benefits the customers and the businesspersons.



Weak minds are of those businesspersons, who create lies over their competitors. This way, it’s sensible that most customers won’t listen to what businesspersons want to say all bad about their competitors. It’s so because listening to backbiting is also a sin. Now, you might be wondering why the word “sin” again coming in here, for you, as you might be interested more over business policies, right now. Do you know businesspersons are also human beings? Yes, you know, then they need to be clean. A person is clean only when he avoids speaking lies. Lies or truth corresponds to all human beings across the World. Is it not good to speak truth and control your business with confidence? Yes, you need to be enough confident about what you sell.

There are many situations, where you do something wrong, then you need to hide those things. Some people anticipate that they need to avoid some bad to happen and they try to control the situation before anything happens. In this way, they start speaking lies and thus they end up as losers. So, it’s better to keep patience and be prepared for any sort of outcome from your wrongdoings. If you speak lies to cover your wrongdoings, then you would have to speak more lies. And you’ll end up as a loser. Or even if you win arguments while speaking lies then someone, who created everything always watching.


The Book is of Practical Thoughts…

This is not a religious Book but when it comes to the title as Sins… The Book, then we need to think about our good deeds too. When both are combined then you need to know all bad. And be responsible human being and a responsible worshiper of the Almighty.

You can see the sky up above and you can think from down the earth as how the stars are scattered? And, the sun shines only in the daytime and in the night, you’re allowed to sleep in the darkness. Many people take rest in the daytime and work during nights. A man and a woman created to please each other. You cannot insult or try to do something wrong to a woman. And a woman should also understand a man. This way, the love between a man and a woman always has so many reasons, not because of opposites attract more.

Both, man and woman enjoy talking to each other or enjoy the time being connected with each other. They do so and also can have legal sexual activity. If they want, they can try to produce their offspring. Many couples often unable to have a child even if they try hard for many years. However, some of them use contraceptives in order to have not more than 2 or 3 children.

Do You Know Who Created You?

When you sow seeds in the land then you’ll be glad to know the outcome or sad to know the outcome as your seeds never broke the land and come out as saplings. It means that even if you sow seeds even in a perfect land, you never know, the seed could transform into plants or not. God has given you so many resources to produce fruits and vegetation and have given you more exciting life without worrying too much. Every person is responsible for taking care of his or her life and work hard to earn his or her living. Best way to earn more is the way of helping poor people with your earnings; that you need to follow. It’s because there are rich, middle class, and the poor and all the people equally play crucial roles.

The rich have servants of their servants and the servants are poor. The middle class always have poor servants. Poor people do those kinds of work that the rich or even the middleclass will be ashamed of doing those kinds of work. There are waiters in the restaurants, housekeepers in the hotels and plumbers, etc. They do that kind of work and you do your wishful work. This way the World needs to run and the ways already shown to you all. So, better to understand each other and avoid making friends with the people, who speak lies. When you speak truth then why make friendship with liars?

Tomorrow, a Surprise & More…

Who knows, what will happen tomorrow? You never know. Some good news can make you happy or some bad news can make you feel sad. Be truthful to yourself and help the poor in need because your wealth will grow with your support to the poor people. Try this as a good deed and wait for the outcome of helping the poor.  

Be kind to the people around you and be peace loving. Sins… The Book covers not every religion or one or two religions because, the good deeds in one religion might be the sins in the other religion. This Book covers every sin that all religions throughout the World consider. It’s a Book for all the people of the World to know the “General sins”. “General sins” means, all religions of the World consider some acts as sinful. And only these acts or sins are included in this Book. Let’s move on.

Well, if you want to have fun, do that anytime and enjoy your life without hurting anyone. Remember, you can’t be sad in this World for the sake of God. God loves you much more than your parents. Live an optimistic life and try to find out the reason of your moments in your life. How you go through the adventures and circumstances that lead you to understand your good deeds and your sins.


And More…

Here you’re, you need to read complete Sins…The Book. And the Book is available online for purchase. It costs you only $ 0.99. Not even 1 dollar.

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