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The Giant Ant – An Amazing Fiction Story

Science has taken into account too many experiments by too many people; till date. And experiments by three friends for popularity yield them to go beyond their expectations producing a giant ant. Three scientists, being close friends get involved, and this story based upon an ant makes things revolve around many incidents and these do happen. And along with their hard work to invent a multi power potion to feed the ants. It leads to discover many unbelievable things, which’s all the fun as you read paragraph after paragraph…


The Giant Ant Journey Begins…


The three friends; George, Tom, and John as researchers and experiment doers always at work. And with their fun filled and shocking days of living life with thrills that you’ll know soon. Their adventures make them happy over each other’s achievements. And they get involved to encourage each other on the whole to keep things easy to live happily. They eat less and work more as such their patience counts being restless at times. In group discussions, they three together discuss a lot. While their not so funny life leads them to some more intriguing activities that they create and do. They are the performers and they do perform well in their busy life.


The factors in the making of a giant ant though relate with one of the friends. But these three friends are always there together to get noticed for whatever they do. They all take the credit and they all keep believing that they are responsible for what they think and do.


Not Yet

They spend each day in such a way that there’s another outcome waiting for them for making things to happen as they like. And when they perform their work with experiments and adventures all the way to get something out of nowhere. They choose to think and work in their own scientific fantasy world. Here, that goes well by speaking together in their small home with one big room that belongs to no one but for studies. “George you don’t bother at all”. Says Tom looking at John and continues.

“You must feel the zing thing to get things going for us”. To this George, doesn’t understand what Tom is saying. And thus, its special feeling to John to explain George; what Tom meant. “Listen George you do sleep late in the night than we both and that’s the reason Tom wants to know and also you get up early”.


George allowing them to relax; says. “I’m fond of creating some extra energetic drinks and I do drink some times to check how they taste as such. And there on that I feel active sometimes man!”.


The fantasy world seems real when on scientific way the process builds up in such a way that you’ll be entertained. And with the work you like, the more you feel the necessity of doing work all the time. But there’s much more to do besides being busy all the day.


3 Friends Scientifically


The three genius, crazy persons being always alert with a mind-set that they truly have. And with so much talent to make them capable thinkers as they have ability of being world class researchers. And that they live freely and are independent to work on their own and keep their fingers crossed to build their career and become famous.  One could point to find who may be the get going persons to make things happen? And there appears none other than the three always available experts, having no health problems; George, John, and Tom. Their neighbors call them idiots. But they always get excited to work out something creative. And they discuss a lot over each of their projects, and they live each day to be their most happening day.


Let’s Now Begin The Journey of Giant Ant


They end up the day by not sleeping side by side in the night. Their beds are arranged in such a way that they cannot able to discuss all together while at sleeping time. But always these two Tom and John know that while they feel sleepy, George gets up and does some typical activity. And sleeps late but gets up early; leaving a question mark in his two friends’ minds.


They belong to different backgrounds. And they were drop outs from their school because they did lot of experiments in their past St Andrews school. They were found guilty for troubling the school’s students and were expelled from there as you can notice. And there on they were kicked out of their home as well and they together found a new place with the jungle nearby. And started living with some frustrated mind and not too much missing their family. Yet they need patience as they plan things almost being together. But George has other sort of thoughts that keeps him thinking and his sleeping cycle is quite different.    



George being at the age of 23 thinks positively always. And neither Tom and John don’t know what the big occasion in their lives could be? And they only know each other as of with superior talent that they possess and feel that one day they might get world famous. The rewards they deserve that they always look for. If they keep working and live a life busy with experiments and adventures. Unfortunately not studying in school as such.


Wait a Minute…

Their life makes sense to make them feel interesting and they do live happily without much to earn for their survival and they keep their life busy and to none other they bother about. This keeps their neighbours on high alert as to know and find out what these long haired idiots are up to. The people around these three feel pity about and underestimate them by pointing at these three’s body language, which looks abnormal.    

One day, during a sunny afternoon, George was feeling curious to know the outcome as he was feeding his dog something different than the dog’s usual meal and he realised that what he provided his pet was nothing but a magical potion made with lot of thought and well prepared to make an aura of an activity for those who consume and as such to say and that’s made with some herbs mixed with ants and well grinded, and already he knew something going to happen in an hour or two as the dog finished his meal, which was made for an experiment to see what’s going to happen to the dog?

Soon after an hour the colour of the eyes of the dog changed to green, and dog feels energetic and jumps and dances without any tune, and hence George informs this in detail to his two friends, and they feel curious and they want to know how that happened. He says he made a magical potion with herbs and ants and fed the dog and soon he noticed the change. So, without thinking too much Tom and John come to keep George free as they take with them the green eyed dog to the jungle and leave the dog there.

Keeping cool both the friends of George feel peaceful as if anyone see the dog’s eyes gotten changed; then, they would for sure do inquire and so they left the dog in the jungle and tell George to keep things simple and this time they sleep after George hits the bed and snores, and at midnight, both of them see George sleeping they start to notice what juice George made that changed the dogs appearance and behavior and there upon they examine further and sleep late at nights for few weeks.

Capture 3 Ants & Then What?

There’s the scene created; food is on the table and the three seated and begin their discussion having coffee. And looking forward to do something unusual as John and Tom begin to listen what George’s saying. He made a magical potion including ants in it. And as George finishes his detailed explanation, and soon thereafter they two; Tom and John without the knowledge to George, start a research on ants.

And the magical potion that George made and they want some experiments to do and they collect about three healthy ants, and the ants kept safe in a bowl by both of them carefully. Still they find George busy in some research but what these two doing? Unknown to George but they feel panicky as what could be the outcome?

One Survives To Become Giant Ant Steadily

They both, then serve these three ants the magical potion mixed with sugar and not with ants and after three days they find one ant dies and the other two look healthier and fatter and soon another one dies, and there’s only one left, and after a week, the last and final one survives and to their surprise it becomes as big as a frog, and they keep on feeding the ant and that’s for sure the ant keeps growing and much more to their attention after a thorough research upon the potion made by George, they stick to their plan and keep feeding the ant; that’s the only one ant left, and keeps growing upon what’s fed to the ant every day.

On a cloudy morning, where they find the villagers working there in the beautiful City of Africa, where much of the greenery to be seen and the summer is awesome and of good but not so warm weather and a healthier atmosphere surrounding all around, and the not so warm weather is there currently for a week and thereupon, they get involved for getting their hunting carry on and not the animals they used to hunt in the nearby jungle but the herbs as they need they get as it happens as such thereon, the ant keeps growing bigger and bigger, week by week.

And the ant now hits the size bigger than a frog and looks as dangerous as it could be and the ant starts making some sounds, there upon it keeps growing and becomes as big as a rabbit and still no wonder if anyone notices besides these two, Tom and John as George still unaware of what these two doing secretly, and exactly so much to their concern, they two then for sure cannot believe as how they made the ant to keep growing.

Truly unbelievable! But they want to tell George as what they did by the potion that George prepared with his scientific mind and they all three meet and start talking to each other with togetherness as such it goes on to say all the three are full of talent with creative thoughts. “George you made a breakthrough in science and did a terrific job, we both utilized your hard work and made things arguably different, and we are proud of you”, says Tom.

George gets all the details and he was shown the ant that has been growing each day and that makes George feel awesome and wonder with what he thinks to achieve from this and looks at his friends and smiles.

The Giant Ant Dies?

Another scene created at this moment as all the three gathered and discuss a lot and reveal each and everything in detail as what they did with the potion made by George to him and sit together, and as such they keep mixing another herb into the potion and make it more strong and decide to make a point to work upon this new experiment a bit hard, and they do so as they like and feel the thrills as such the ant keeps growing.

The ant grows to such a big size, they never believe and they keep the ant in a big room and there they feed the ant, who looks wild, and they feel not much safe as the ant makes sounds every 10 to 20 minutes. They feel a lot afraid, and they at the same time didn’t want to disclose to anybody about their successful amusing experiment, yet. Goosebumps keeps their heartbeats make sounds and their adrenaline keeps pumping high as what would be their next achievement as such together, the three start on working upon another project besides the current one.

Nobody faraway knows, but their villagers surrounding them, hear the sounds being their neighbors, and there upon they start complaining and their daily complaints hurt the three friends, and one fine day they set the ant free. They open the door of the room and the ant walks on in the house as they knew they might be in danger so they get locked inside another room, the ant tries to search them and was in need of the food and feels hungry and by making sounds, the ant supposed to be called now as the giant ant feels hungry and eats whatever come in the way.

The ‘Giant Ant’ does whatever she likes and eats a lot whatever comes her way and she gets increased in size and becomes a largest creature on earth during these times and people, who see her gets disappeared or the Giant Ant eats everything comes its way and more and more people gets killed. A sorry state in the village.  

Free To Do What 3 Friends Want To?

The giant ant is no more with the three friends now and these three feel free to do what they want to. And they before working on their current experiment begin the chase to search their Giant Ant. They, then come to notice the Giant Ant gets noticed by each and everyone in the surrounding areas as such the Giant Ant becomes more dangerous and after few days of search for the Giant creature they fail as they cannot be guided by the people towards the Giant Ant.

And everyone gets awestruck and very fearful of the giant creature and they’ve been running here and there. Nobody comes in front of the Giant Ant, and if they do so they’ll be killed. There used to be loud announcements carried on, where it was told to the people around that place to be at homes and stay inside locked as this dangerous creature not yet captured on camera as such the media people by wearing life protectors move around to search and have a glimpse of the Giant Ant but many get killed in the process. 

The news media spread the news as such people get awareness of terror and whatever the giant creature could see eats and many more people get killed and there upon the Giant Ant becomes world famous as the world wants to find more about the Giant Ant and much more about where the Giant Ant could be and this is also always in the minds of these three friends, they also are in the hunt as not accordingly they search as others. Media keeps on describing about the appearance of Giant Ant but cannot show the Giant Ant’s picture.

What they been told by people, who saw the giant creature; they broadcast the message through and out with lots of spicy content in their speech and through prints. 

The Search For The Giant Creature

Rescue operations get started and that leads to lot of money on large scale spent by the government, and they’re unable to catch the Giant Ant even after using helicopters and much more catching tricks they apply but they fail.

The giant creature is in all ears and spoken all through only with scary words and the descriptions do not vary too much and seems to be similar as most of the people seen keen to know how the Giant Ant looks like. Some say giant ant has green big eyes on the top of her head and over the forehead, the small nose with ears below and a very huge body with too many legs couldn’t be counted and that keeps all in awe and keeps them only to talk about Giant Ant every time.

A number of people keep their nerves as such they fear a lot and they fear not to come in front of the ‘Giant Ant’ to see how the giant creature looks like and every home gets vacated in the city and all people out on the streets and they cannot believe what they hear and as curious as they could be to feel the Giant Ant from a distance, and of the appearance of the creature in a bit of mystery and that also goes in vain as such they feel bothered only to find the Giant Ant from nowhere, yet they also couldn’t see the Giant Ant on the television as well and on internet.

Some news channels claim that they reached to the conclusion by showing fake pictures of Giant Ant and that the creature gets finally caught. These types of news get circulated and goes viral. 

Nobody could see the Giant Ant but hear a lot as the big creature grows more and more and a size the Giant Ant gains could be of eighteen camels together weighed and that much weight the Giant Ant keeps as described to the media by a person, who just escaped from the jaws of death.

Do Giant Ant Appears?

However, the potion only can make an ant to a giant ant needs to be explained, but the three friends George, John, and Tom were busy in search and in finding a way to make the Giant Ant appear in front of them.

This greater sized and bigger creature makes people fearful and worried and everywhere there’s destruction. The destruction keeps things in disarray and a thousand fighters get assigned the job to capture the dreadful Giant Ant and they keep doing their duty.

Meanwhile, George, John, and Tom prepare a perfume of the potion that they used to give the ant and they place the perfume strongly made in the open area.

The Giant Ant comes running towards it and wildly the ant attacks the perfumed bowl, and unable to consume it the Giant Ant swallows the bowl to find itself in a position, where the three friends watch her shockingly to know they successfully made the perfume to attract the Giant Ant and as per their planning they were pleased to see the Giant Ant in front of them and the perfume they made without putting the sugar and they used rotten herbs containing no sugar and they after all feel relaxed and joyful to see the Giant Ant as nobody caught it even though hundreds of commandos were deployed to catch the giant ant.

And as they see they again feel proud of the success of their yet another perfumed potion that brought the giant ant to get watched by many, and they begin to switch on their camera but something’s went wrong and they before taking the giant ant’s picture call the police and the central authority, who promised that the one, who finds the giant ant will get a big prize money. Prize money will be handed to that one or more people for finding out or showing the picture of the giant creature.


Therefore, as already they knew they could become millionaires if they bring to notice the capturing squad to show them the giant ant, who’s looking at them while standing like a very huge dinosaur and looked very huge and deadly the then.

They call the central force rescuing squad of the government and report but they in awe forget to take a picture of the giant ant and that they caught the giant ant news keeps circulating in seconds as many people feel relaxed and these three friends report about giant ant that they actually caught the creature to make money as much as they wished to be millionaires and live their rest of the life full of enjoyment. There, the leaders and police officers, and the central care authorities agree to pay the three; the promised handsome money as their prize money for showing them the location, where the giant ant is.

Tom was told to make a call by both George and John, as people from about 2000-meter distance watch the giant ant and still feel the rounds of awe in their heart, mind and soul. As soon as the phone starts ringing and Tom tries to explain in detail and there as well incidentally nobody dares to take the picture of the giant ant, and thereby the call gets connected and Tom speaks and as he feels joy and shares with the other two that they are going to become rich in a day or two.

Yes It’s Final …

However, the perfumed potion with rotten herbs was made in quick time and the giant ant feels nice to smell it and as it was told a bit earlier that the giant ant swallows the perfumed potion along with the bowl like bottle, and that creates pain in the giant ant’s large stomach, and the huge creature makes sound and people go more far away and then the size of the giant ant keeps reducing and the three friends realizing something’s going on a loss and that’s the loss of wait of the giant ant and in about 12 minutes the giant ant gets reduced to a normal tiny ant.

And the three friends as such they get shocked. Feeling their hard work gotten wasted as the central government squad after making the visit, thinks that they get fooled over by these three friends, and they in no time arrest them and put them in the jail and listen not to their explanations.

Henceforth The Conclusion

The people around there also cannot get convinced that there once lived a giant ant and they were far away and as such think someone created something strange, later on few eye witnesses approach to the police that they do see the giant ant and these three are innocents but the police says them to show the proof as at least a picture of giant ant and that’s not possible, and hence a sad end to the three genius researchers, and scientists that’s what all happened had happened not in their favour as they used to do research work as their hobby, and they still were in jeopardy as court sentences them 10 year imprisonment as their neighbours as well complained that these three used to make loud sounds and they’re responsible for what all happened and they made terror and mixing spice in their speech the neighbours also tell the police that these three used to make bombs and that’s why all havoc and disaster happened was noticed and the three were responsible for the killings as well.

In the jail George explains to both his friends that they henceforth are responsible even though not directly but indirectly to make grow the giant ant and leave the ant out of their house and they must believe that the killings there on happened because of not they did a hard work to make a tiny ant as the giant ant but unfortunately, they didn’t let the police know when the ant kept on growing and there upon they are for sure the culprits and they have to accept the fact and also to think that they are a bit genius and that superiority of them should remain between them and shouldn’t be disclosed.

Khalid M Raza

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