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Thoughts – English Lyrics – Grab for FREE – Sad Solo Special Song

Thoughts are making me feel bad

I can’t say what thoughts making feel sad

I’m confused as those are so many

Why I’m used by people so many?

Creating doubts in my mind

By keeping such thoughts of all kind

Carry on I say to myself

Sorry man I say to myself

Things are sure worrisome

I cannot be always at home

I need a break from all

Let things go on to fall

Too much is too bad

I don’t have what I had

Time passed away

I feel paused to say

There’s something I can’t figure out

What people all around think about

When I have lots of thoughts

My heart making loud shouts

With all heart beats

I feel not at ease

I miss my Mom and My Dad

Such thoughts are making me feel bad

Let me go somewhere

And be aware

Of what the World could say to me

Bearing things can be not so easy

Alright let me say let it be

But I can’t imagine of good

I’m here where I stood

Take me somewhere for a break

Give me no time to think for the ache

Thinking will be not better for me

As I keep looking what’s better for me

Yet there are people, who say me mad

Thoughts are making me feel bad

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