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Contacting us is very simple just dial the cell 24/7 @ +918095326843. You are welcome anytime on WhatsApp as well. Do Contact Us at our E-mail mentioned below:


We take care of your orders and deliver to you as promised and as per your request of requirements. And for transactions you can use our PayPal E-mail: This E-mail is also available for secure payment through PayPal for purchasing our any type of content including Bollywood and Hollywood Lyrics. Thanks.

Second floor. J. Towers / Upton Park – Road E7 8LB – London. (Contact Us on phone call or email to know more about our home office).  

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Many TV channels lengthen their reports and repeat the headlines just to make you watch more. Even one tweet of about 10 words used to make a report of about 1 hour or more. We do not do this and we always provide useful and factual content in short. This is why online channels have something to say.

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