With You There’s Pleasure

With You There’s Pleasure

With you there’s always pleasure

You are always my treasure

I love the way you look at me

Which makes me wonder to see

Why did you came in my life?

Can’t explain this to be right

I think you know me better

I cannot say a word to measure

I cannot count your love either

I can say you love me a lot more

I feel for you hot a lot more

You are a true buddy

You are a nice study

I think of you always

You come in my dream anyways

There’s not much to link

That’s for me too much to think

I know I think about you

I know I sing about you

I cannot calculate your love for me

I cannot participate in the way to see

Where’s these words come in my mind

I say your thirst for me is kind

I love you all the time

I owe you all the time

I never can keep you away

You are my love and I pray

Khalid M Raza

image: Pixabay