How Iftar parties arranged in Ramadan for seeking rewards

How Iftar parties arranged in Ramadan for seeking rewards

Muslims throughout the world dedicate their time for worshiping to get rewards in the month of Ramadan. Some of the Muslims throw Iftar parties among their friends and relatives for get together purpose. However, almost all the Muslims around the world feel that by throwing Iftar parties, they’ll be rewarded. It’s true that Iftar parties make sense for reunions and family gatherings but do these parties include rewards? In other words by throwing an Iftar party, you get rewarded or not? How Iftar parties arranged in Ramadan for seeking rewards?

The answers are too many for such queries, interestingly they are as follows:

  1. The intentions of the family members or the friend who invites people for such parties count.
  2. If the intention for a get together for entertainment purpose, the Iftar party goes on then it’s useless.
  3. The fact that often people ignore the poor in any party including marriages or this one, which it’s discussed here. There’s no reward here.
  4. By not inviting the poor relatives or friends, you’re committing a big sin. Even here no rewards.
  5. Finally over some past history of some of your relative, who hurt you long back. And that has been shown as being wiped off but still you ignore him or her then it’s called Keena. In Islam Keena is considered to be a part of that person’s heart, where the part of the heart is dirty. He feels still hurt and with negative thoughts and of no forgiveness kind of intentions etc.

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