How Islam made life in India peaceful as Christians also did good efforts

How Islam made life in India peaceful as Christians also did good efforts

How Islam made life in India peaceful needs to be understood. And the Christians also contributed to make Indians live without superstition. And Christians also made lives easy for Hindus in India since Hindus used to practice the rituals that never supported peace. The peace work right from Muslim freedom fighters needs to be known with the ruling of Moguls for about 800 years. Moguls made India progress and Islam contributed a lot for the peaceful lives of Indians. Hindus used to practice Sati, Bali, and many more atrocious rituals. 

Hindus also never used to drink or eat food. And touch many items that were used to be touched by lower cast Hindus. Cast system was predominantly still practiced in India but in lower numbers. What about Sati, Bali and many other heinous practices that Hindus used to follow? Sati meant the burning of Hindu women alive whenever they’re in trouble to find their husbands expired.

It was so heinous crime that made Hindus in India to practice in large numbers. But this troubled Hindu women a lot. When girl children born then immediately Hindus used to kill them. Girl child used to be curse in Hinduism before Islam and Christianity paved their way for replacements with better lives for girl children. Then there were also many atrocious rituals that were practiced for a longtime in India.

How Islam Made Life in India better & More…

Hindus still today worship the wealth as their Laxmi and never bother to help the poor. They love money so much that it’s value for them is much better for them than their lives. The Bali was again a very ominous and heinous crime. Hindus before starting their businesses used kill children and bury them inside the premises of their businesses. They used to think that with this sacrifice, their businesses will progress a lot.

Moguls ruled India and given a lot for the benefit of the Indians to live a better life. Moreover, Islam taught many useful things and many Hindus accepted Islam with their will. There’s no compulsion in Islam and willfully many Hindus accepted Islam. And started worshiping the Almighty and followed the five pillars of Islam that includes charity. Islam made life in India possibly better life to live for Indians and much more.

Most Hindus with Hindu names are Christians?

Today, one cannot find whether a person is Hindu or of any other religion in India with his or her name. This is so because 50 % of Hindus with Hindu names are actually Christians. And they used to go to churches on Sundays. India became independent in 1947 with large number of Muslim freedom fighters sacrificed their lives. RSS or other Hindus never bothered to fight for the independence of India. The greatest Muslim freedom fighter Tipu Sultan was killed with the help of some RSS group members.

They cheated Muslims even though they got lot of benefits from Muslim rulers and freedom fighters. The British offered Tipu Sultan half of India and half for them. Yet, he rejected their offer and wanted to live a life that’s better. He told them that he wants one day’s life, which’s better of tiger than hundred years of life of fox.

Tipu Sultan is still called the Tiger and the Moguls also made India benefit more. They built Taj Mahal, and many memorable and tourist spots for the rise of tourism in India. They also constructed Babri Masjid and many more memorable structures. In Hyderabad alone, one can find about a dozen such old monuments for tourism. Tourists visit Hyderabad and Taj Mahal along with Kashmir and many other places in India.

This increase of tourism talks much about the favor that Muslims did for India. Islam made life in India peaceful and much more. Also Christians contributed for the education of backward Hindus. You can find poor Hindus with Hindu names go to churches every Sunday. This doesn’t mean poor Hindus or educated rich Hindus never need to learn more than Christianity or more about Islam.

Khalid M Raza