Girls marrying RSS men ignorable say scholars

Girls marrying RSS men ignorable say scholars

When asked, Muslim girls marrying RSS men isn’t condemnable? The scholars with in depth knowledge of Islam responded by saying: “Call them girls but not Muslim girls. Girls from any religion are innocent if troubled. But the Muslim girls marrying RSS men ignorable because they were and are not following even the basics of Islam. Had they followed the basics of Islam then they would have preferred to worship the Creator than preferring to marry people, who worship the creations. If you worship the creations like Sun, Moon, etc. and so you need to worship so many creations including the stars.

Also you can’t make idols of the Creator almost similar or less than the beauty of human-beings, and keep worshiping the idols”. Explained the scholars.

When asked, why not Muslim girls be taught not to marry RSS men? “This used to happen since decades and is just worrying, but ignorable. Yes, it’s noticed that since decades, Muslim girls married to RSS men still untraceable. And so what happens to them also not known. Firstly, premarital relationship between men and women is unlawful. You can see how many love-affairs fail and the victims become alcoholics, drug-addicts, and so on. The victims suffer because love-affairs mostly change towards hatefulness due to misunderstandings. And when someone else comes in between. There’s more harm in love-affairs or relationships between men and women before marriage”.

The most important principle of Islam is to believe in the oneness of the Creator Allah. A Muslim is one, who is known to submit his or her will to the Almighty. Here, Muslim girls seems not as submitters of their will to the Almighty, and so they are or they were misguided. Some more thought provoking answers to the questions asked continued.

Why ignorable when Muslim girls marry RSS men

Muslim men shouldn’t think that they’re doing any good deed by marrying non Muslims. Specifically, first they need to make friendship with non Muslim girls, which’s is unlawful. So, they can’t marry non Muslim girls this way by having a love-affair. Secondly, if a non Muslim girl accepts Islam and wants to marry a Muslim then this is lawful. There’s no compulsion in Islam, whatsoever. Islam spreads when Islamic teachings authentically shared.

Whatever maybe the reason to gain nothing out of something, RSS men keep doing such acts since a longtime. But again if Muslim girls get attracted towards these men and become victims to suffer, then firstly the girls are responsible. A child since the age of 7 starts following Islam, and if Muslim girls at the age of 16 or 18 commit such sins then they’ve to answer to the Almighty. To stop such nuisance, it’s the parent’s responsibility to teach their children authentic Islamic knowledge. Not just Quran but the knowledge of Hadiths also needs to be provided.

“If any innocent person or an innocent girl from any religion troubled in front of you then you should try to save the innocent. You can’t ignore that. An innocent saved is like saving entire humanity, and so it’s like troubling or killing entire humanity if an innocent is troubled or killed”. It was further learned from the scholars in India. Muslim girls marrying RSS men or non Muslims firstly fall in love. That’s not acceptable. They ignore believing in the oneness of the creator Almighty Allah and join their hands with the worshipers of the creations. So, they already not at all Muslims because they have not submitted their will to the Almighty.

First names of Scholars:

So many questions asked and a few put-together here with answers by scholars: Arshad sir, Faiz sir, Mufti sir, Imran sir, and Zakir sir. To avoid anymore controversies In-Hand-Writer provides first names of the scholars. This article is in the category Islam of this online content channel. A Muslim submits his or her will to the Almighty. Therefore, it’s ignorable when Muslim girls marry RSS men or non Muslims.

Finally, an important question also asked to let you know the answers too. Why there’s a punishment if a Muslim leaves his or her religion Islam and starts following some other religion? “Firstly, it’s a punishment in the country, where Shariah law is followed. If you know the truth and you’re moving towards falsehood then it’s a big sin. So, leaving Islam is just like leaving the Army of a country and joining hands with the Army of another country.

No doubt, you’re not forced to stop doing sins. But if you follow one religion, which is Islam. Having some knowledge of Islam, but for some worldly joy, which is harmful for you as you want to leave Islamic joy, which is good for you. And you want to follow some other religion by ignoring the truth then is it right? No because you know and knowingly you’re committing a sin and the punishment will be given to such person in the country of Sharia law only.

Whether you believe what’s written in this article or not. In hand writer never takes any responsibility to hurt your sentiments just in any case.

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