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Cow urine is highly harmful for human beings

Urine is waste product and being a waste product it can be infectious. In India in the name of Ayurvedic medicine it’s been sold. People are unaware of Cow urine’s harmful effects and go for it in many products made from it. They even drink Cow urine as Gau – Mutra being as sacred drink. Thus, people seems to have lack of knowledge and Ayurveda comes to their mind for better treatment. But, it’s a wasteful treatment as there’s no evidence of patients getting benefited with it. They think Cow urine has enormous benefits but it’s proved to cause diseases.

Cost of modern medicine is higher and so Ayurveda rides upon innovate methods of treatments. These treatments using Cow urine simply create diseases. People aren’t aware that Patanjali products are unhealthy and can be dangerous. Patanjali products are made from Cow urine and are harmful. Everyone in India needs awareness of modern medicine because it’s only the most effective and proven method.

Urine is very harmful because of simple fact that it is a waste product from an animal. Whereas, when people worship the Cow they think to benefit through urine of Cow as well. It’s neither proved clinically nor proved scientifically to benefit the affected people. The propaganda of benefits from Cow urine creates emotional attachment towards gaining something out of nothing.

Ayurveda regulatory bodies can go to any extent to reach people with false treatments. Further, they claim they do better treatment than modern science and make people staunch believers. People in anyway get Ayurveda treatment and do the mouth publicity of it as most beneficial.

Honestly the consumption of waste products or waste matter of any living being is highly harmful. However, it’s up to you to make a choice.

Khalid M Raza

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