This Success Story Shocking To Know Now

This Success Story Shocking To Know Now

While everyone would be thinking a lot over how people become rich or richest. This success story shocking to know. Success is not just to become rich or from rich to the richest. Success demands your peace of mind and a lot of contentment whenever for a minute or two you’re alone. Your intent to achieve along with your hard-work should pay-off, and your success story should also be created. You might achieve success if you set a goal, and also this success story shocking to know. How this man did all his duties on time and took good care of time management. Meanwhile, success often would not come so easily.

You need to work towards it, far better than others. However, this man from Bangalore, India is quite different and his success story is worth to know. For 4 years this man incurred huge losses due to his less priced juices of all kinds. He used to sell a large glass of juice for only ₹10/-. Meanwhile other juice shops still sell juices for not less than ₹30, and rates vary and higher a bit for some fruit juices. This man made a niche for himself, and no other juice shop could stand or do business within his areas.

He thought if he sell every fruit juice for ₹10/- and with cleanliness, juiciness, and so on, then more customers would rush in to his shop. A year passed by. He lost a lot. Another year passed by and he lost lot of money. Oh, then another loss. Suddenly in the end of his third year in his juice business, he was delighted to see huge rush and he has to employ more workers.

His business clicked, but he started to make some little bit money. The demand increased and so he bought lot of fruits in large quantities. For him, buying fruits in large quantities was the target. By buying fruits in large quantities, he has to pay less amount of money.

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Many good fruit suppliers sold him fruits in large quantities and in lesser prices. This meant that he fought hard, bargained a lot everytime and then got a routine supply of fruits in large quantities at a very less prices, everytime. So, for example, a watermelon of 3kg weight costed him just ₹10/-. A pineapple costed him just ₹5/-, and so on. From all these low priced raw materials as fruits in large quantities, his profit gone up to ₹5/- per large glass, where the cost of the fruit juice is still ₹10/- for the consumers.

So, every glass of juice by a profit approximately ₹5/- made him the richest and successful businessman. Everyday, his Bangalore Juice Center sells more than 50,000 glass of fruit juice. And wherever his branch in Bangalore would be no other juice center would try to compete with him. Isn’t this success story shocking ?

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The Author is a Sunderland University Graduate in Business Management from London, UK. With distinctions and merits in his choicest business subjects, he moved far ahead in his interesting career.

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