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Oxygen tanker, Oxygen Leak, India, Covid-19, Worse, Crises

Oxygen Tanker Supplying Oxygen To Hospital Leaked As 11 Killed

At least 11 patients in NMC hospital at Nashik died because of Oxygen tanker, which supplies Oxygen has leaked. Already the NMC hospital has at least 150 critical patients. And they’re on Oxygen support. Attempts are on to stop the leak while situation becomes worse. Over 1 Million Covid-19 positive cases in India raised eyebrows […]

India to average 3 lakh positive cases, Covid-19, Lockdown, Businesses, Laborers, Daily wage workers

India To Average 3 Lakh Positive Cases For Next 2 Weeks

While some European countries excluding France showing a planned fight against the pandemic, India’s situation becoming worse. Bad to worse situation is the failure of the gov’t to supply vaccines to the people as much as possible. But, the unplanned lockdown throughout India in 2020 was the main reason for today’s precarious situation. In the […]

Virus infected people of age less than 50, COVID vaccine, Rules, Pandemic, Oxygen Saturation Level, 94

Virus Infected People Of Age Less Than 50 Prefer Home Treatment

India has seen the second wave of the viruses as troublesome as never before. Whether you call Covid-19 virus or Coronavirus and their variants, you must know few things at first. Old people have to be admitted in the hospitals even if their family members try hard to find empty beds in the hospitals. The […]

Kerala CM Tested Positive, Covid-19, Self isolation, CM, Pinarayi Vijayan, Govt hospital, Medical college

Kerala CM Tested Positive Wants To Be Treated In Govt Medical College

Kerala CM tested positive for Covid-19. And he wants to be treated in a gov’t Medical College Hospital at Kozhikode. The Chief Minister of Kerala, Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan also requested people, who have recently met him to go for self isolation. If they’ve been in close contact to him recently also needs to go for […]

Pandemic crises continues in India, Patients, Virus, Variants, Masks, Social distancing

Pandemic Crises Continues In India As Patients Say Virus Is ‘Danger’

Again, India surpassed over 1 lakh cases. The surge in positive virus and its variant cases continues as India piled up over 1,26000 cases in the last 24 hours. The pandemic crises continues in India as severely ill patients from the virus keeps on saying others to take good care. There are a few mild […]

Jemima Khan mocking Imran Khan, Imran Khan not misusing his leadership, Imran Khan concerned, Imran Khan saved more, Imran, Pakistan, Jemima Khan, Goldsmith, Wife, Quran

Jemima Khan Mocking Imran Khan While Quoting Quran Verse Is Fair?

It was mentioned in Quran several times to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their private parts. Firstly, it’s directly told in the Quran that Men should not see Women other than their wives to avoid any sense of pleasure. This sense of pleasure can lead to illegal sex or […]

Hate crimes to continue in India, Financial difficulties Indians going to face, India, Central gov't, Progress, Hate Crimes, Fake Media, BJP followers, Media

Hate Crimes To Continue In India As Long As BJP Finds Business

The BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) always have good support from Indian online and TV media. Though YouTubers come up with fact checks and keep on exposing BJP. But their voices never reach to large number of viewers. The problem is morphed and edited videos or text images go viral on social media. Alt News do […]

H1B Visa Aspirants, USA, Dream Life, Visa, Jobs, Earn Money, Dream Life, American Dream

H1B Visa Aspirants Look To Settle In USA As More Visas To Be Approved

Generally, bachelors, who can manage their laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. likely to find USA as the best place. And to earn money while enjoying free time in the USA, where plenty of fun places available. The best is not there in the United States for H1B visa aspirants because those pretty golden days are gone […]

2021 need planned lockdown, India lockdown, India Lockdown Last Year Was Unplanned, New Virus Variants Found in India, COVID-19 positive cases, Pandemic, India

India Lockdown Last Year Was Unplanned As 2021 Need Planned One

It was noticed during the candle light innovative start during the month of March last year that gov’t made a big mistake. People first resorted to beating of utensils and later gathered around every part of India only to say: “Go Corona Go”. PM Modi requested people to switch off lights and light candles at […]

How Small Businesses Surviving amid Covid-19, India, Lockdown, Business Owners, Jobs, Joblessness, Crises

How Small Businesses Surviving Amid Covid-19 Surge In India?

People often ignore small businesses to get their daily needs. They prefer to buy food and grocery products online. The reason for different types of small businesses including grocery stores to survive is based on reduced staff. The owners working while managing sales and cash counters. There’s a lot to learn from or as a […]

India crosses 1 lakh virus cases, Covid-19, Virus, Hospitals, Lockdowns, People, Social distancing, Masks,

India Crosses 1 Lakh Virus Cases In Last 24 Hours Still No Lockdowns

While Maharashtra imposed night lockdown or night curfew. And a weekend lockdown to control the spike in cases of the deadly virus. But India still in a position to fight against the pandemic without no more lockdowns across the country. Expert doctors claim that lockdowns can reduce the spread of the virus, but at the […]

BJP claims we do good so vote, Vote, elections, politics, voters, developments, Business, BJP voters

BJP Claims We Do Good So Vote For BJP But What Good BJP Did?

Here’s the report that’s what BJP claims we do good so vote for BJP. Isn’t that the politics in India has become a money making business involving the support from news media whether online or Television? People still hope that BJP will do good in sometime while in their recent era of 7 years, they’ve […]

IBJP not to get over 100 seats, India, BJP, Bengal, Mamata Banerjee

BJP Not To Get Over 100 Seats In Bengal As Game Will Be Over

BJP is trying hard to win elections in Bengal. However, BJP not to get over 100 seats or cross 3 figure mark. Mamata Banerjee is a big threat for BJP. And people from different religions have unity in between in Bengal. They respect each other’s sentiments and know what needs to keep in mind to […]

Lyrics for you, Unsold Songs, Lyrics, Content, Darya Dil

Lyrics For You As Another Unsold Song To Grab Now – Darya Dil

We’ve more lyrics unsold than sold ones. All unique songs have some good stories for you to picturize or compose as you like. We’re here to help you out for any changes as required and as per your demands for FREE. It’s again a better platform for YouTubers to contact us easily on WhatsApp. And […]

Virus testing in India, COVID tests, COVID-19, Jobs, Businesses, Poor, Food

Virus Testing In India For Symptomatic People Only As Cases Rising

In the last 24 hours, India registered over 92,000 virus positive cases, which is growing more and also more than United States. Brazil also is much virus affected country now. The situation in India is worsening because only symptomatic people tested. And hospitals are filled with virus positive persons and even small hospitals treating patients […]