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Greeting messages available for different relations for Free

Here it goes, you need to write something then why not take our help for creating greeting messages better. Rightly so you might not agree and you want to write your greeting to your close ones on your own. But you’ll find our content helpful for you in any case.

Greeting For Mothers

  1. My dearest Mother I love you a lot and I always keep you in my thought to express something special. I loved the care you have been taking through out my life. There’s so much of your attention for my better future, which makes me proud of you. It is always worth not to mention about with any of my loving words. You are so close to me and I find peace in talking to you. Have a great day.
  2. Dearest Mother I love the way you call me with my nick name and I love you as much as you love me. But your love towards me is not comparable and I’m unable to find out how much love you shower upon me as it keeps on rising. I know I can’t say that my love to you is higher than your love towards me. Just to remind you for this day to be happy always. Have a nice day.
  3. Have a wonderful day my loving Mother, you’re everything to me and as close as a plant to its roots.

For Fathers

A loving Father is my Father and always I’m thankful to you

I love you a lot and I’m so much attached to you that I’m thankful to you

My Father you take responsibilities to bring me up as I’m thankful to you

Lovely Father you bring to me what’s good in world as I’m thankful to you

When I work I will make you rest and enjoy as much as I’m thankful to you

Enjoying the days with you and love you always as I’m thankful to you

Celebrating not the day but wishing you everyday the best day for you

For Sisters

Sisters are the feathers on my cap

They always for me love to shop

Sister is so loving and caring

That I can’t stop her cheering

A sister feels the pain on me

Sister always is a gain of me

I get what I desire for

My sister makes me aspire for

She loves me a lot more than I think

She makes for me some juice to drink

If I want to have a cup of tea

She’ll prepare joyfully for me

For Brothers

Brothers are so humble and funny

They’re the ones, who make my day sunny

They’ll show me the light

They’re the one, who can fight

Well, they fight for me

They care a lot for me

Brother makes sense to bring me things that I love

Happy to wish him all the best on his day as I love

Loving him for his day

I do care him and for him I pray

Greeting For Friends

A Friend is indeed for having fun

Friends are in need for making fun

Joyful moments are with friends for fun

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Friends bothers too much in our lives

They speak a lot and make things alright

Friend is of bothering but always is helping

Friends are the ones, who always keep supporting

What a friend does might not be mentioned

We choose our friend and are happy to be in attention

The choice of making a friend is far better

We’ve friends, who can be with us in any matter

Happy day for my friend, who matters me the most

Looking for my friend to feel his day cheering the most

Khalid M Raza

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