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Imran loses Kashmir battle against India while Modi enjoys Kashmir situation

Narendra Modi is against lifting the curfew in Kashmir, which Pakistan says Maqbuza Kashmir (IOJK). Mr Imran loses his efforts to create awareness to the people and leaders across the world. And he’s also responsible for not taking any action against India for Kashmir. Further, Imran loses to Narendra Modi because he’s busy in his country’s own internal ailing economic problems. Imran Khan the PM of Pakistan is also fighting a battle against his opposition leaders. Pakistan People’s Party is creating nuisance in Pakistan against PTI of Imran Khan.


Mr Narendra Modi is silent over questions raised to lift the atrocities on Kashmir people because he’s confused. Let’s think over why he’s confused and what he intends to do. Mr PM Narendra Modi is against the Muslims and is the lifetime member of the RSS (Hindu Terrorr Group). RSS is Rashtriya Swayam Seva but their ideology is to spread hatred of Islam to his Hindu followers and gain their support. However, Mr Modi is the follower of Muslim Gulf leaders and seeks their blessings. Yet, no Muslim leader in the world talked to him to explain the message of Islam.

Imran’s Indirect Message of Islam To Modi


PM Imran Khan did tried to explain Modi about Islam but indirectly by releasing India’s wing commander Abhinandan as peace gesture. Nobody knows how the life of the people of Kashmir causing them to suffer. Curfew with no internet, no mobile service and no facilities like health care. They’re also not allowed to pray in their nearby mosques or worship on Fridays with congregational prayers. We Muslims, who are quite and never spread the message of Islam to our Hindu brothers, which’s the big mistake.

Furthermore, Mr Imran loses the battle that he was fighting against India and keeps concentrating on his own country. He’s involved with various issues in Pakistan and is busy with deep trouble to his leadership from PPP. It was reported.

Khalid M Raza

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