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Majority now angry with BJP govt over their disastrous rule in India

The BJP climbed twice with majority in the year 2014 and 2019 and now it seems to get maligned. Now the time have come to oust BJP within couple of years by the current majority. It’s so because people in India have woken up and want peace in India.


BJP ruled India favoring corruption and did marketing with the money they gotten from the people of India. They only got benefited by blaming Pakistan as Indians dislike the neighboring country and BJP took the onus. It means by creating surgical strikes over Pakistan’s vacant area BJP pleased the people by claiming they destroyed terror camps. Further, majority wants different govt for progress of India as they’re fed up of Pakistan’s involvement in BJP agenda. Many women were raped and killed under the BJP rule. Moreover, the accused of mob lynchings have been let free.


No more divide and rule policy will work for the better of India, it was learned. Majority of Indians are looking for jobs and establishment of businesses. They now realize that BJP have made India go deeper and deeper in trouble. If BJP continues to rule India then there’s every chance that India will be downgraded. The atrocities to the people of Kashmir with non lifting of curfew there also is worrisome. The rise of joblessness is a major worry for all Indians now. Price inflation also troubling a lot. People no more want BJP leaders to do frequent foreign trips as they think Indians should be reached first. “Why not the BJP do surgical strikes on the rapists?” claimed many people in India. Thus, time is over now for the BJP to suffer under the hands of the majority.

Khalid M Raza

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