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New Picture released over Indian Economy SINCE 2015

In 2015 when Narendra Modi made amendment in the GDP calculation that led to new picture of Indian economy. Since 2015 the GDP is calculated differently and people today know not. They think today the GDP hit hard to about 4.5 %. But if it’s calculated on original basis then it would have been much lower.


The demonetization already set the tone in the favor of the Modi govt and yielded nothing for the people. Moreover, it damaged Indian economy since it happened on Nov 8, 2016. Earlier in 2015 the Modi govt changed the calculation of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). GDP is the total market value of all the goods and services produced within a country in a specific duration of time. Thus, the market value reduced because consumers have not enough money to fulfill even their basic needs.

New Picture of Indian Economy


The big picture will be released soon in 2020 if the govt continues to play with religious cards. However, the new picture dismissed the future of Indian youth and made them jobless.

If youth continues to be on joblessness then the time will not defend them even if the govt gets changed. The situation in India is such that no govt other than BJP can eliminate poverty from India. But, the BJP is still daydreaming and trying hard to occupy the minds of the majority in a different way.

No sooner there’s again will be a new picture that could be seen. Time calls the BJP to act now and make things easier in India. Do not always be focused with what’s in the think tank of BJP to impress people. Get things done now or never again there happens to be a better future for India. If GDP calculated in original terms then it stands to 2.5 %. This is a shameless figure. The BJP needs to answer otherwise go home. We will make things possible with another govt.

Khalid M Raza

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