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Nobel Peace Prize eligibility that makes sense to know

Nobel peace award as its will, needs to be awarded to that person, who excels in forming peace between nations. He or she have done the best work in the year, where the person gets Nobel prize on his or her great work. The award is the prestigious one and will be conferred upon noticing the work of a person for peace initiatives taken up. This means that the person fulfills all his major activities that he or she creates no war situation or violence with best efforts.

How Nobel Peace Prize Stands    

Alfred Nobel’s prospective eligibility for the award can be specified on politicians as well. Nobel prize needs to be awarded by a committee of five people. These five will be chosen by the Norwegian Parliament.

Famous Alfred Nobel died in the year 1896 and he did not leave more explanation for choosing peace in the prize category. Since he was a trained chemical engineer, categories for chemistry and physics needs to be the choices. Reasoning behind the peace prize is less clear as there has been no further explanation upon to whom the prize needs to be conferred.

Norwegian Nobel Committee included peace activists, who then received the prizes as such keeping peace in the category. However, a few Nobel scholars expressed that Nobel’s way to compensate for developing destructive forces for peace has been meaningful.

More About Nobel Prize & Norwegian Committee

Technically, the inventions included weapons of which the use was violent and were used in war. Therefore, the 1880s attacks were condemned and later on the eligibility of Nobel peace award discovered. Moreover, the award was also instrumental in making Bofors from an iron and steel producer into an armaments company. Why Nobel wished the peace prize to be administered in Norway is still unclear.  

Meanwhile, Norwegian Nobel Committee brought up their clear thoughts and worked upon the peace factors for the award. They speculated that Nobel may have considered Norway better suited to awarding the prize. Again Norway did not have the same militaristic traditions such as Sweden. At the end of the 19th century, it was known more about the Norwegian Parliament. It’s better late than never to know the eligibility of the Nobel peace award. Candidates must be involved for their best work for creating peace among nations and a no war no violence subject.

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  1. Dominic To says:

    i highly recommend Hong Kong Citizens to receive Nobel Peace Prize 2019 as they courageously, peacefully and orderly protested for freedom for humanity in June this year, it is not just the honour of Hong Kong people but also Nobel Peace Prize and the free people of the world!

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