SRH in IPL can drop Williamson to bring back Nabi

SRH in IPL can drop Williamson to bring back Nabi

Kane Williamson is considered as a good captain but he knows not his IPL team players’ abilities. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is an Indian player and knows much about his team as accordingly he is supposed to be closer with at least 7 of the players. This can be understood as out of the playing eleven there are seven Indians and the rest four are foreigners.

Reason to drop Nabi

Kumar is a good player and his captaincy is not bad. However, Mohammed Nabi is also a very good bowler and a clean striker of the ball. Nabi is dropped as Williamson seemed fit to play by the SRH team management. There needs to be four foreigners, who can play in the eleven. This is the reason why Nabi is replaced by Williamson. Nabi can bowl well in the middle overs and in the power play as well. However dropping him from the playing eleven is not a good idea. SRH team management needs to think again and should bring back Nabi.

Williamson vs Nabi

Williamson, on the other hand is not in good form. He is not scoring runs and his captaincy is of worrying. In yesterday’s match against Rajasthan, Williamson called Rashid Khan to bowl in the power play and that was a big mistake. His captaincy seems no good and his batting not helping SRH to win matches. Overall, Williamson needs to bat well and do better captaincy, which is lacking. He can be rested and Nabi should be brought back is probably a question to debate.

How can a player with continuous failure in his performances for the team’s cause, be in the team even though he is the captain? No wonder, Nabi in his previous matches with a great economy took wickets as well while bowling for SRH. He can be better with the bat as well. His strike rate even though he played some cameos was very good.

Time has come for the SRH to regroup and think better if they need to pull up a place in the playoffs.

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