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Slum Area people connected to Television to live better mobile life as well

Slum Area people connected to Television to live better mobile life as well

Despite lack of basic amenities residents of the slum areas in small huts living their lives connected to Televisions. Why not people in slum areas live as per their wishes? They’re well connected to the outer world with modern gadgets. When we went to them it was known from the scenes at a slum abutting a bus depot a true story.

It was near Midhani at Hyderabad, showing dish antennas on rooftops of temporary shelters. The people there, looked composed with their activities. Their bread earners are bringing them to the light of the world with better hard work. Some seems to be Autowalas and others been the Bandiwalas and some road side vendors. However, most of them of about 60 % are beggars. It’s good that they’re utilizing their incomes to live joyful life even in the huts. Slum areas are no more backward ones, they indeed have better life to live.

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