Kids with high fever to be given medical attention to bring down pulse rate

Kids with high fever to be given medical attention to bring down pulse rate

We find in our homes, kids sometimes between the ages of 5, 6 or 9 year old might be suffering from high fever. Their temperatures could be as high as 104 and pulse rates will be more than 130. You have already visited the doctor and the doctor prescribed you medicines. But, immediate effect of the medicine will not occur so the fever keeps on rising. Kids with high fever do need attention. Right?

Here, you need take a cotton cloth and immerse in cold water and keep the cloth over his or her forehead. Also rub the neck and chest with cold wet cloth until the temperature comes down. Medicines should be given on time and if the fever continues for another day. Find out that he or she might be suffering from malaria or not. If so, there’s a simple treatment available in any hospital for malaria.

Kids With High Fever Need Attention

Don’t be afraid after checking the temperature and pulse rate frequently. However, if you want to know how you can check your child’s pulse rate. What you need to do is keep a wrist watch with you or a wall clock will also be helpful. Normally the pulse rate should be 72. Look at the clock and touch the baby’s pulse on the wrist and start counting the heartbeats simultaneously.

This procedure is very simple just need to count heartbeats for a minute. In one minute, normal count is 72 but your child because of high fever can touch even 145. Be with your child for six hours well attending to him or her. When your child goes to sleep, let him or her sleep well and keep the fan off, if it’s cold season or it’s raining.

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Get up early in the morning and give your child the prescribed medicines after breakfast and check the temperature. Do another visit to kids doctor and see if it helps.

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