Movie on Cancer Survivors in Telugu is Interesting to Watch

Movie on Cancer Survivors in Telugu is Interesting to Watch

The Telugu version of the I AM A SURVIVOR – “నేను కాన్సర్ ని జయించాను”, a compendium of real life and awe inspiring stories of courageous cancer survivors, authored by renowned Oncologist and Director, Apollo Cancer Hospital, Dr Vijay Anand Reddy, was formally released, on Sunday. Dr Sangita Reddy, Jt. Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals; Former ace left arm spinner Shri Venkatapathi Raju and Tollywood diva Ms Rakul Preet Singh released the book, at a program attended by the who’s who of the city and the brave cancer survivors.

Dr Vijay Anand Reddy, a cancer specialist with immense faith in his ability to provide succor to cancer patients, had the daunting task of conveying the bad word ‘cancer’ to patients and their near and dear. This pronouncement invariably led the patients to a sense of deep remorse, depression and a feeling of distraught with life. This desperate state of the patients seemed to haunt him to no end. He knew that most cancers are treatable with the advances in medicine and what was needed from the patient was the ability to be remain unfazed as far as possible from the impending agony and to bravely combat it. His experience in treating such patients dictated that a positive frame of mind could mitigate the trauma and help conquer cancer.

How Cancer Patents’ Get Counseling

He had no ready made solutions on how to impress upon the patients in their moment of immense despair, the need to maintain composure and battle it out with a tough frame of mind. He also realized that no amount of counseling, consoling and attempts to boost their spirit, by the doctor, helps to allay their pain beyond a point. It was during such attempts to counsel patients that he realized the need to pen the experiences of some of the warriors of cancer, who could successfully decimate the disease and are a true inspiration to every cancer patient. The original English version took Dr Vijay Anand Reddy, aided by his wife Dr Sashi, over 3 years of toil, sparing most evenings and late nights, after a busy practice through the day, to compile I AM A SURVIVOR.

Though I had great satisfaction of giving back to the community a strong message on cancer being after all conquerable and thereby build a sense of resilience in the patients to fight the disease, there was always this thought lurking in me that the book is still not in the reach of a vast majority of  patients. That made me to embark on translating it into Telugu, now many more cancer patients can battle the disease confidently, taking a leaf from these inspiring stories, says Dr Vijay Anand ReddyDr Reddy, dedicated the book to his brave patients and his mother Mrs Damayanthi Devi, whom he lost recently.

Cancer Patients On Rise

Ms Sangita Reddy said, incidence of cancer in our country is huge. Nationwide screening for non-communicable diseases is essential to prevent and detect ailments like cancer. We have several women falling prey to cervical cancer in India, in the West not a single women is a victim of cervical cancer, the difference is screening.

“I AM A SURVIVOR” shares powerful voices and stories of hope and inspiration of 108 cancer survivors. The book gives the readers a rare insight into the courageous and heartfelt voyage of these patients, the initial helplessness and a despondent state of mind, how they recover from the jolt they experience on hearing the dreaded word cancer, pick up the pieces of their lives from scratch and gradually transform into incredibly strong cancer survivors.

The book is replete with the stories of several brave hearts who proved without doubt that cancer which is thought to be invincible, can be vanquished with sheer will power. Here is the gist of a few stories, which transformed from heart wrenching saga to a happy outcome.

Cancer Cure   

An young lady walks into my clinic with fear and despair and pleads Doctor garu, please cure my disease and make me live till my children education is done! Not only her children education is done but her children are married and she is joyfully playing with her grandchildren.

An young 25 yr old man walks in and says Doctor uncle I just started my job! I have so many aspirations to fulfill and take care of parents. Please do something I want to live! I do not want to die! He is happily living with his wife and children and also taking care of his parents.

An young 14 year girl walks into my clinic along with her mother. Doctor uncle everyone in the family are crying! Am I going to die? Am I going to lose my leg? There is no treatment to make me come out this? She has gone through the treatment and emerged victorious! Also She has her legs intact! She is now pursuing her Fashion designer dream!

A 33 year lady diagnosed of breast cancer was unstoppable crying and crying and says I thought of commuting suicide yesterday doctor. I do not want to undergo this horrifying and torturing cancer treatment Any way I am going to die!!

Telugu Movie From Book Written By Dr Vijay Anand Reddy

Narrating his experiences and what went into compiling this book, Dr Vijay Anand Reddy said,

There are several such emotional touching and powerful stories seen and felt throughout my career. They start losing the battle before they actually begin to fight. I thought there should be some way to deal with this fear from cancer diagnosis, treatment and fear of not getting cured!

When a doctor says to a patient that everything will be fine. It doesn’t appeal to the patient so much. When it comes from a patient who has gone through this journey successfully, it will make wonders!! certainly make a significant impact on the newly diagnosed patient.

Keeping this in mind I started talking to patients who come to my office even after they are cured for many years – will they be okay sharing their journey. Normally, the answer is so often no! But most of my cancer patients were kind and brave enough to share their stories!! I also started a club called freedom from cancer club where in cured patients are made members. These members are already helping our patients on treatment on regular basis.

In conclusion Dr Vijay Anand Reddy added “What Cancer Cannot Do – It cannot cripple love, It cannot shatter hope, It cannot corrode faith, It cannot silence courage, It cannot invade the soul, It cannot steal eternal life, It cannot conquer the spirit.”

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