Narendra Modi to meet Saudi Prince again to bring huge money to India

Narendra Modi to meet Saudi Prince again to bring huge money to India

Reports are still in process to know about Narendra Modi’s meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. However, it’s inevitable for BJP and Narendra Modi to meet Saudi Prince again for Delhi Elections.


Narendra Modi previously given awards in Saudi Arabia & UAE for his claims of good governance. Narendra Modi to meet Saudi Prince again looks like his begging habits are again exposed. Indian Media is silent over Saudi Arabia’s soft corner shown to Narendra Modi. Modi also went to the Airport to receive Saudi Prince for the Prince’s India visit. Narendra Modi was given high respect by the gulf countries because of Saudi Arabia’s poor knowledge of RSS.


Saudi Arabia is currently the richest country in the World. However, Saudi Arabia keeps their currency behind dollar and claims that the country is not so rich. They’ve huge resources as mountains of gold apart from oil wells but they do not reveal. Saudi Prince also helps UK universities with huge funding. Only the UK Universities claim the facts of funding by Saudi Arabia and they accept Saudi students to study there.

Does it Makes Sense for Narendra Modi to Meet Saudi Prince again?


Narendra Modi to meet Saudi Prince again makes sense not for the progress of India but to keep BJP cash rich. Modi govt was praised by Saudi Arabia & UAE more than any country in the World. Thus, Modi is taking advantage of their favors yet again with his upcoming visit.

Pakistan had shut the airspace for India on grounds of atrocities to Kashmir people. Pakistanis only bother about Kashmir people and never carries the matter forward because of fear. PM Imran Khan is afraid of Indian attack again on Pakistan as he kept Pakistani borders on high alert since 2 Weeks.


Under Narendra Modi’s govt India is becoming poor but BJP bothering only about retaining power. BJP can possibly do a favor to Indians by lifting their govt from India for some other good opposition party. AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) has done good in Delhi so far and should be India’s next central govt. But this is not likely because AAP is very slow in proceeding to take decisions. However, Saudi Prince will receive Narendra Modi yet again with wholeheartedness. Saudi Arabia believes that Indians are the best people in the World as Indians work honestly in Saudi Arabia.

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