BJP did nothing as Amit Shah says Delhi has no progress since 5 years

BJP did nothing as Amit Shah says Delhi has no progress since 5 years

What BJP did in any part of India as their good days still awaited. Amit Shah needs to answer Delhi people’s question as he blamed that Delhi has been unmoved. And there’s no progress in the last five years. Arvind Kejriwal time and again expressed openly as what better he did in Delhi. Reports from Delhi informed us that people in Delhi are happy with many facilities.

CCTV cameras are fixed at every corner and everywhere in Delhi as people living fearlessly. BJP used Delhi police to stop the protests and blamed the people for protesting with violence. So far not a single protest across India noticed as violent. The protests are against BJP and the BJP should answer as what BJP did even in a single state of India. They’re responsible to proceed with progress in India but not even a single state under BJP benefited with progress.

Leave aside India’s economic disaster and talk about confirming the lies spoken by Amit Shah. Amit Shah told nothing good happened in Delhi in his BJP’s campaign for Delhi elections.

Go through small areas and see the CCTV cameras and you’ll find those fixed everywhere in Delhi. People’s water bills are zero and even electricity bills also zero. Tax payers paying to the govt happily and much more happened in Delhi for its progress. But, arrogant Amit Shah says something that hurts the people across India.

Jobless youth in India committing suicides. 1 suicide in every two hours reportedly done. Farmers cannot control their emotions and breaking up against no support from BJP govt. There’s much more that’s leading India towards rise of poverty. Could Amit Shah answer at least 1 question?

Khalid M Raza

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